Inter District Transfer of Teachers Certain Instructions Rc.686 Dt:30.01.19


Prosent K Sandhya Rani, IPos
Rc.No.G86/Esttl/20A8 Dt:30.01.2019

Sub: School tducatton Department-tnter District Transfer of Teachers on Spouse,Mutual grounds & Ex-Servicemen requests s- Certain Instructions lssued Reg.

Read 1. Govt.Memo.No. 14022/70/2018 Services 2 5ECT, dated 11.5.2013
2. This office Proe Re No.c 86/Estt.ll/2018 dt. 16.05.2018., Proposals received from the District Educational Officers.
4, Lr.Re.No.686/Estt l/2018, dt.04.06.2018 & 26.06.2018 addressed toGOvernment,
S. Govt.Memo.No.14022/533/2018 Services 2 SECT, dated 05.07.2o18 & 06.07,2018,
6 Lr.Re.No.686/Estt.l/2018, dt.27.07.2018 addressed to Government.
7.G.0.Rt.No.32 SE (Services.) Department, dt.24.01.2019.
8. This office Proc.Rc.No.686/Estt.ll/2018 dt. 27.01.2019.In continuation to the reference th cited, the following instructions areissued, for strict compliance

  1. All the Regional Joint Director of School Education and the District Educationalofficers in the state are requested to relieve all the teachers who are transferred on 31.01.2019
  2. The teachers relieved on 31.01.2019 from the district should report to theDistrict Educational Officer of the District to which the transfer is ordered/sought for on 01.02.2019.
  3. The District Educational Officer should conduct the counselling for postíngs of the teachers transferred in the Inter District Transfer on 01.02.2019 and posting orders should be issued immediately after counselling.
  4. The posting should be given by following the counsellings process only.
  5. Counselling should be conducted to the teachers transferred on Spouse Grounds first and then to the teachers transferred under Mutual Grounds &Ex-Servicemen category based on Seniority.
  6. Posting orders shall be issued against clear vacancies only.

       Therefore, all the Regional Joint Director of School Education and the District Educational Officers in the state are requested to follow the above instructions and report compilance.

                               This should be treated as "MOST URGENT"

                                                                                               SANDHYA RANI KANNEGANTI
                                                                                               Commissioner of School Education

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