Utilization of Composite School Grant Certain Guidelines Rc.01

Present:-Sri. G.Srinivas, LA.S,

Rc. No.01/A3/APSS/2019, Dated: -08-01-2019.

Sub: AP Samagra Shiksha - Utilization of Composite School Grants Certain
Guidelines- Issued

Ref: Frame Work for the implementation of the Samagra Shiksha - a an integrated Scheme of School Education issued by the Ministry of Human Resource Development on 05-04-2018.


All the District Project Ofticers in the State are insformed that as per the FrameWork for the implementation of the Samagra Shiksha - an integrated Seheme of School Education issued by the Ministry of Human Resource Development on 05.04-201S the following guidelines for Utilizatio of Composite School Crant.

  1.  As a support for quality improvement, composite school grant is sunctioned on an annual basis to Government Schools, The objeetive is to utilize this support to provide conductive learning environment in schools
  2. School grant is primarily meant for the replacement of non: netional School equipment and for other recurring costs, such as consumables, play material, games, Sports Equipment, laboratories, newspapers, electricity charges, intermet, water, teaching aids ete.
  3. The grant may also be used to provide annual maintenance and repair of existing school
  4.  The sume may be utilized for promoting Swachh Bharat Campaign and undertake building, toilets and other facilities to keep the structure in good condition.activities under Swachhta Action Plan.
  5. There must be involving elements of community contribution.
  6.  There must be transparency in utilization and provision for social Audit.
  7.  To be spent only by SMC.
  8. The norms for utilization of the composite school grant lays down that a minimum of 10% of the grant should be used for acivities related to Swachhta Action Plan namely, Undertaking maintenance of school facilities including toilets, safe drinking water and for Improvernent in Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) infrastrueture,
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Download.....Grants Utilization Complete Guidelines
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