Notional Increment to 398 Special Teachers GO 28

School Education Dept.–Notional increments to the Special Teachers/Special Language Pandits/Special Physical Education Teachers who are appointed on fixed pay of Rs.398/-per month during the period from1983 to1996 with prospective effect–Sanctioned for the purpose of pensiononly–Orders–Issued.

GO 28 Dt:1.3.19 

  1. In the reference 1st read above, Scheme of appointment of Special Teachers and Special Language Pandits was introduced on payment of fixed pay of Rs.398/- per month without any other allowances. In the reference 2nd above, orders were issued stating that the performance of Special Teachers appointed on the consolidated pay will be observed for a period of three years and only those whose performance is satisfactory will be considered for absorption against appropriate posts carrying regular scale of pay subject to availability of vacancies and rules governing recruitment to theses posts. I
  2. In the reference 3rd to 5th read above, orders were issued for considering the temporary service of the Special Teachers, Special Language Pandits and Special Physical Education Teachers who were appointed between the years 1983-1996 with a consolidated pay of Rs.398/- and absorbed in regular posts for the purpose of appointment to Automatic Advancement Scheme notionally and also for pensionary benefits.I
  3. In the reference 6th & 7th read above, the Commissioner of School Education, A.P. has furnished a proposal to the Government for considering the sanction of notional increments with prospective effect to the teachers appointed on consolidated pay of Rs.398/- per month during 1983-1996. G
  4. overnment, after careful examination of the matter, hereby order for sanction of notional increments to the Special Teachers, Special Language Pandits and Special Physical Education Teachers who are appointed on consolidated pay of Rs.398/- per month during the period from 1983 to 1996 with prospective effect, for the purpose of pension only. T
  5. The Commissioner of School Education is hereby directed to issue instructions to the District Educational Officers concerned to scrutinize the Service Registers of the individuals with reference to the orders earlier issued in reference 3rd to 5th read above. The notional increments if already been effected as ordered in the references read above, the same shall be continued for the purpose of pension.  
  6. If any erroneous fixations is noticed, the same shall be recovered from the individuals. 
  7. This order issues with the concurrence of Finance Dept. vide their U.O.No. FIN01-HR0MISC/3/2019-HR-II-FR/2019, dated 01-03-2019. 

                                                                       ADITYA NATH DAS
                                                   SPECIAL CHIEF SECRETARY TO GOVERNMENT

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