APPSC Departmental Tests Results - US Format -Result with Names for SR Entry

APPSC Departmental Tests Results - US Format -Result with Names for SR Entry Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission (APPSC) Departmental Tests Result avialable From May 2014 Session Candidates Can Download Result from the Below Links AP Departmental Test Result this is useful to SR Entry Cnadidates Download APPSC Departmental Tests Result US Format

Nov 2020 Session Result Click Here

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APPSC Departmental Test RESULTS 2006 APPSC Departmental Test RESULTS 2007 APPSC Departmental TEST RESULTS NOVEMBER 2009 WITH NAMES AP Departmental Test Results with Names

APPSC Departmental Tests Result US Format for SR Entry Purpose:

Notification No Session Name Result
Notification No:05/2014 May 2014 Session  Result
Notification No:03/2014 November 2014 Session  Result
Notification No:04/2015 May 2015 Session Result
Notification No:07/2015 November 2015 Session Result
Notification No:03/2016 May 2016 Session Result
Notification No:17/2016 November 2016 Session Result
Notification No:06/2017 May 2017 Session Result
Notification No:10/2017 November 2017 Session Result
Notification No: May 2018 Session Result
Notification No: November 2018 Session


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