Mid Day Meals- Procurement and suppty of Red Gram Dal to the schoots under thd Scheme "Mid-Day Meal" through e-procurement process - Work atlotment to the setected bidders - lnstructions to Cooking Agencies for Procurement of Red Gram Dal Locally -Orders lssued- Regarding.Rc.ESEo02

AlL the District Educational Officers in the State are informed that the Mid-
Day Mea[ programme is a ftagship programme aiming at enhancing enrotment,
retention and attendance and simuttaneousty improving nutritional levets among
children studying in Government owned schoots. & NCLP centres.

As per orders of Government in its memo 4th read above the suppty of Red
Gram Dal to the schools under MDM scheme was atlotted to the successfut three
bidders. As per suppty order, the the successful three bidders are supptied the Red
Gram Da[ to Schoots. The date of agreement ends by the end of August 2019.B

But, as per the feedback from the District Educational Officers the supply of
Red Gram Dal is not being done by the Agencies from the date of re-open'ing of
schoots pending revision of prices.

ln view of the above, atl the District Educationat Officers in the State are
requested to issue necessary instructions to the Cooking Agencies to procure and
utitize the Red Gram Dat locatly under Mid Day Meats until further orders.
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