Inviting applications for Computer Based Test (CBT) for selection of Resource Persons for SCERT to conduct trainings at state and district levels and E-Content Developers for E-Content Cell, SCERT – Regarding

School Education – Notification - Inviting applications for Computer Based
Test (CBT) for selection of Resource Persons for SCERT to conduct trainings at state and district levels and E-Content Developers for E-Content Cell, SCERT –

Inviting applications for Computer Based Test (CBT) for selection of RPs

With the vision and objective of building ahigh quality education system, several
initiatives are being implemented in the department of School Education, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh, which cover areas like, student learning outcomes, assessments analytics and dissemination, development of high end learning resources using technology, etc.

Teacher Professional Development (TPD) is an important factor for improvement of
Quality School Education. Towards this goal, GoAP has taken up several initiatives such as virtual resource platforms for teachers – AP eKnowledge Exchange Portal (APeKX),rewarding meritorious teachers, improved teacher training modules based on student learning gaps/hard spots identified in assessment analytics, online courses, etc. The School Education Department aims to develop a teacher training system aligned to the individual professional needs of teachers. Teacher educators with strong motivations and commitment to qualityeducation, subject knowledge, pedagogy skills and competencies are critical for providing ongoing professional development training support to teachers working in schools both in Government as well as private sector.

School Education Department, Government of Andhra Pradesh is implementing
several digital education initiatives including: 5000 Digital Class Rooms, 4000 Virtual Class Rooms, Digital Content development, QR Coded Energized Text books, supporting DIKSHA-APeKX utilization, etc. There is a need for knowledgeable teachers to work as digital content developers, digital content curators, eLesson Planning resource persons, Education Technology Teacher Trainers, etc.

Efforts are underway to strengthen Pre-Service and In-Service Teacher Education in
the State. Due to legal constraints, several vacancies in Teacher Education Institutions remain vacant over several years. Various posts of Teacher Educators in SCERT, DIETs, CTEs, IASEs are being managed through deputations of regular teachers from schools.In the above context, it is proposed to put in place a strong resource pool of about 3500 Teachers under three categories, through systematic selection system from out of interested Teachers with aptitude, subject understanding, appropriate pedagogy skills,cOfommitment, etc. The two categories are
i. Upadhyaya Shikshana Nestham (USN),
ii. Sankethika Shikshana Nestham (SSN).
iii.Deputation of teachers into SCERT, DIETs, CTEs, IASEs Lecturer posts, District
Assessment Cells, Details are given below and in the Annexures.

1. Upadhyaya Shikshana Nestham (USN)

i. SCERT conducted the Training Needs Identification (TNI) Survey and
received feedback from over 26,000 teachers. Student learning outcomes gaps
are identified by National Assessment Survey (NAS), State Level Achievement
Survey (SLAS), Summative Assessment Analytics and Annual Status of
Education Report (ASER),etc. School Education Department aims to build a
strong resource pool of Teacher Educators.

ii. The selected Teacher will be called Upadhyaya Shikshana Nestham. These
USN will function as Teachers Trainers (SRPs / DRPs) in Induction and In-
service Teacher trainings conducted at State/District/Mandal levels. USN will
be part of the SCERT Resource Group/Pool who will develop training
modules, conduct teacher trainings at different levels, etc.

iii.The USN will be selected under 8 Resource Groups - (i) SGT Group, Subject
specific School Assistants (ii) Telugu, (iii) English, (iv) Mathematics, (v)
Physical Sciences, (vi) Biological Science, (vii) Social Science, (viii) Hindi
iv.Annexure 1 details out the Qualifications, Selection Process, Post Selection
Trainings, incentives/benefits, Expected Deliverables, Roles and
Responsibilities, etc.

2. Sankethika Shikshana Nestham (SSN)

i. Sankethika Shikshana Nestham (SSN) will work as e-Content Developers in
the e-Content Cells located at DIETs, develop e-Content for energizing
textbooks (ETBs), Digital Classrooms, Virtual Classrooms, curate and Map
existing content and state curriculum and support e-Lesson Planning, digital
education training resource persons to cover effective use of ICT Labs,
APEKX-DIKSHA utilization, etc.(GO No. 141)
ii. Annexure 2 details out the Qualifications, Selection Process, Post Selection
Trainings, incentives/benefits, Expected Deliverables, Roles and
Responsibilities, etc.

3. Deputations into SCERT, DIETs, CTEs, IASEs and District Assessment Cells

i. These selected teachers will work in the vacant positions of the DIETs, CTEs
and IASEs at district Level and in SCERT at state Level.

ii. They will be performing the work endorsed by the principal of DIETs, CTEs
and IASEs and Director of SCERT.

iii.Basing on the qualification and Performance in CBT these deputations will be
taken up.

iv. For District Assessment Cells the short listed candidates will be called for an
in-person screening. This will include face to face interview and serious
practical tests to check the abilities of candidates. The interview will focus on
understanding the attitude, motivation and over all competency of the

4. Application Process

i. Interested teachers can apply for Upadhyaya Sikshana Nestham (Resource
Persons), Sankethika Sikshana Nestham (E-Content Cell) , Deputations or all

ii. Candidates can apply for any one subject of their choice. (See Annexure -3 for
List of Subjects)

5. Candidates are requested to apply online for CBT from 27th August 2019 to 6
th September 2019 through

6. The computer-based test shall be conducted in all the districts.

7. Hall tickets will be issued to the candidates based on the data furnished Online. Hence mere issue of Hall tickets or writing of examination does not confer any right regarding eligibility.

8. Candidate applying must be fully qualified for the post applied for and in possession of all Certificates as on the last date prescribed in the notification for submission of applications.

9. Eligibility for each category of the post, mode of selection, pattern of examination
including duration, total marks and qualification marks and other procedure will be
indicated separately.

10.The syllabus / topic given are only suggestive/indicative but not exhaustive.

11.Important Dates for Notification, CBT Dates, etc.

i. Availability of application form – 29th August 2019

ii. Last date for application –6th Sept, 2019

iii.Date of Computer Based Test–22ndSeptember-2019, Sunday

iv.CENTA Micro-Credentials–To be announced after CBT

v. Diksha Digital Content Development Course – To be announced after CBT

vi.Interaction with Panel of Departmental Officers –To be announced after CBT

12.Teachers applying for Sankethika Shikshana Nestham will take additional CBT

 Computer Based Test (CBT ) Online Application
Complete Guidelines District wise Wise Vacancies
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