Water Bells in all Schools Instructions Memo:Warer Bells Dt:18.11.19

Water Bells in all Schools Instructions  Memo:Warer Bells Dt:18.11.19 Sub:-AP-Sam-Promotion of Good health/ Habits among the SchoolChildren-Implementation of “water Bell” in all the Schools- Instructions issued-Reg.

Water Bells in all Schools Instructions  Memo:Warer Bells Dt:18.11.19

  1. All the District Educational Officers & Ex-Officio/Additional Project Co- ordinators in the State is informed that the Government of Kerala have introduced an innovative idea namely viz., “Water Bell” in all the schools to bring awareness among the school going children, the importance of drinking enough water. The water bell intervention is that the school rings the bell thrice a day in the schools to make the students/ teacher to drink water to promote better health.
  2. Further, they are informed that inculcation of drinking adequate and enough water will promote good health, the health experts have already declared that the water is elixir of life. Water is most natural hydrative liquid, it regulates the temperature, cushions the brain and all the tissuies cells in the body, lubricates joints, cleanse toxins and flushes body waste, promotes healthy skin ensures oxygen in the body and helps digestive systems.

Water Timings:

10.30 AM, 12.00AM & 03.00 PM

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