Pocedure to Request for Upgradtion of Posts in HRMS / CFMS

Pocedure to Request for Upgradtion of Posts in HRMS / CFMS...P lease note below points before proceeding for post upgradation process :
1) The Upgradation will be allowed in the case of VACANT Posts only.

2) If the number of posts upgraded are more than vacant positions,a ppropriate number of vacancies are to be created by transferring outthe respective employee.

3) Even though the promotion is within the same office the employee should be relieved by appropriate action and make the position vacant.

4) Only vacant Org Unit and Position IDs of CFMS will be displayed in the
respective fields for post upgradation.

5) After click on submit with DDO’s Bio-Metric authentication for the
details entered in the relevant fields, the respective Bill ID(s) enabled to STO for re-confirmation of cadres strength submitted. Once STO c onfirms the posts the request will be enabled in CFMS for updation.

6) Kindly note that It take next 24 working hours for post upgradation
after STO confirmation. So no need for raising any incidents for this

7) The employee Transfer-In/Promotion shall be carried out only after
completion of post upgradation

Login into the DDO request site https://treasury.ap.gov.in/ddoreq/index.php

Download Upgradation Process in Treasury Site file

1.Click on Pay Bills

2.Employee Joining & Relieve Updation
3.Click on post Upgradation
4.Log in CFMS Site

5.Post Upgradation

  1.   Login to CFMS HELP DESK 
  2.  Click on HRMS /Employee Issues 
  3. Scroll down & Click on " Show More"
  4.  Click on "Post Upgradation"
  5. Fill the Data Required & Type the Description in detatled. 
  6. Attach the PDF of "HM Letter & Upgradation Proceedings" then finally "SUBMIT" 
  7. Your Incident is created with a Token No. and ready solve now.

Required documents:

Please attach the post up gradation order copies i.e., annexure copy from the Commissioner / DEO (School Wise) and SLO copy with posts entry duly attested by the ATO / STO.

Please mention the bill ID in which School Assistant (Language) posts are to be added and In attachments the school name has to be highlighted.

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