Sub: School Education - COVID-19 Pandemic Vidya Vaaradhi program (reaching the un reach school children)- Mobile van with video lessons facility for the students those who have no digital access across the state (No Tech) - certain instructions- Issued.

Ref:- Alternative Academic Calendar -2021 issued by MHRD, New Delhi - GOI.

Proposal of Ms. Vetriselvi.K, IAS, Special officer, English medium project.

  1. All the Regional Joint Directors of School Education, District Educational Officers and Additional Project Coordinators in the State are informed that the Department of School Education has been exploring different ways to mitigate the impact of COVID- 19 on education by engaging teachers, students, and community through High tech and low tech solutions.
  2. Keeping in the view of students deprived of any electronic device facility, the Government of Andhra Pradesh has come up with a unique solution to reach out to those students with a vehicle-mounted with big LED screen consisting of educational e-Content and the TV lessons.
  3. This initiative is intended to:help the no tech students with the digital learning facility. bridge learning gap during the COVID-19. make ready the students for the upcoming academic year. engage the students with educational activities. provide level playing field to the students.
  4. In this context, Department of School Education provided one vehicle forevery district, with a big LED screen facility to be used in those areas where there is no technology is available for students to learn.In view of the above all the District Educational Officers are requested to follow the following guidelines for effective utilization of the facility so as to ensure all the students are facilitated with opportunities for learning.
  5. ldentify the villages, habitations where there is less/no digital facility is available for the students.The respective teachers of the area shall accompany the vehicle and attend to clearing the doubts of the students if any. Pre determine the areas based on the number of students availabl

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