District wise CFMS HELPDESK phone numbers

District wise CFMS HELPDESK phone numbers:- 

Employees can contact the concerned of their District for their issues:--

1. Dhanunjay Cell.6309037001 Srikakulam

2. K.Chaitanya Cell.6309037008. Guntur

3. Harish Cell.6309037004 Eastgodari

4. Vijaya Bhaskar Cell.6309037005. Westgodari

5. Md.Mb Shareef Cell.6309037006. Krishna

6. Kartheek Cell.6309037003. Vaijag

7. Gopi Tumma Cell.6309037009 Prakasam

8. Phani Jeedigunta Cell.6309037010. Nellor

9. Mahendra Reddy Cell.6309037011. Karnool

10.C.Ravindra Reddy Cell.6309037013. Anantapur

11. Dwarakanath Cell.6309037014. Chittor

12. Murali Ponna Cell.6309037012 kadapa

13. Ravi Teja Cell.6309037002 vijaynagarm

You can call your district help desk regarding CFMS issues

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