Formative Assessment-1 for the academic year 2021-22 – Certain guidelines – Issued RC.ESE.02 Dt:24.09.21

Formative Assessment-1 for the academic year 2021-22 – Certain guidelines – Issued RC.ESE.02 Dt:24.09.21

The attention of the all the Regional Joint Directors of School Education and all the District Educational Ofcers in the state are invited to the reference 2nd above wherein the conduct of Formative Assessment -1 for classes 1 to 10 is to be completed before 30th September 2021. 

2. In the reference 1st cited based on the government memo certain instructions have been issued to conduct school readiness programme from 01.09.2021 to 08.10.2021 in all schools under all managements for seamless. transition of students from their previous knowledge to current specifc knowledge. 

3. Keeping view of the school readiness program which will be continued up to 8th October, 2021, Formative Assessment I shall be conducted as per the schedule given under.

Guidelines for conduct of FAI:

4. For conducting FA I the following guidelines shall be followed:

a. FA I shall be conducted within the syllabus prescribed for school readiness / worksheets supplied by the government / frst lesson or chapter of concerned subject.

b. The following four tools are helpful to assess students in other cognitive areas like communication, participation, presentation, aesthetics etc. 
  • i. Tool 1: Children participation and refection - (Languages - Read any book other than text book and write a report, Mathematics -prepare own problems and solution, Science - prepare lab report on experiment done by him/her, Social - Express opinions on contemporary issues) – (10 marks)
  • ii. Tool 2: Written works- (own expressions in notebooks, feld observation, data collection and analysis reports, creative writings etc.) (10 marks)
  • iii.Tool 3: Project works - (Any other suitable tool may be developed by teacher preparation and presentation of Projects, Lab Activity, Model making, art, paintings etc.) (10 marks)
  • iv.Tool 4: Slip test- Slip test shall be conducted on selected Academic Standards. There is no need to conduct slip test in a specifed timetable like our conventional unit test examinations. It is informal in nature teacher has, freedom to conduct slip test in his regular classroom transaction (20 marks)

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