Pensions While making payment like funeral charges/LTA etc., to the pensioners/eligible family member duly obtain necessary document from the pensioners Memo:03 Dt:03.12.2018

Treasuries and Accounts Department - Pensions While making payment like funeral charges/LTA etc., to the pensioners/eligible family member duly obtain necessary document from the pensioners - To incorporate uniform procedure and proformas in the entire state Formats of necessary proforma are communicated - Regarding Memo:03/2018 Dt:03.12.2018


1.Memo No: FIN02-14024/17/2018-D-SEC-DTA-dated 05-11-2018. 

2.Discussion held at pension seminar conducted by the DTA, 09-11-2018.

  1. Attention of all the Deputy Directors of (13) District Treasuries in the state including ATO, AP CRT, Ibrahimpatnam is drawn to the captioned subject above and they are aware that, the pension disbursing officer i.e STO/ATO/DTO may prepare so many claims at different occasions for arranging payments to the pensioners duly obtain necessary documents along with specific declaration from the pensioners/ their heirs for making accurate payment to them and also bound some extent in some claims like life time arrears/funeral expenses payment to the heirs of deceased pensioner. In this regard, we may provide format of profomas along with declarations and type of certificates required for that occasion from the competent authorities to maintain uniform procedure in all pension disbursing offices in the state and these proformas/Certificates/ Declarations are to be placed in the Cyber Treasury for easy download as and when such documents required by the pension disbursing Officer as well as pensioner and heirs of pensioners as the case may be.
The proformas are categorised and shown below against corresponding occasion.

  1. Declarations submitted by the pensioner (Appendix-II) to the Treasury Officer at the time of first payment of pension vide G.O.213, dt.19.12.97.
  2. List of certificates / copies to be furnished by the pensioner/family pensioner at the time of first payment of pension/FP conversion.
  3. Application for funeral charges for the spouse pre deceased to the service pensioner
  4. Application for payment of funeral charges, Life Time arrears and family pension to the Spouse of the deceased service pensioner
  5. Application for payment of funeral charges to spouse/heirs before issue of death certificate of deceased service pensioners
  6. Declaration of Family pensioner sanctioned pension vide G.O.315.
  7. Application of Death intimation without any benefits.
  8. Application for sanction of DR for employed pensioners vide G.O.51.
  9. Pension transfer application from one STO to another STO and LPC proforma.
  10. Application for 2015 PRC Arrear for deceased pensioners. 
  11. Application for death relief, LTA and 2015 PRC arrears for deceased pensioners.
  12. Proforma of Family Pension .
Hence, they are requested to use this proformas/declarations in the corresponding
 juncture and filed in the respective PPOs for future reference and more. useful in dealing with legal issues if any arised in future.

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