B.Ed Third Methodolgy & B.Ed additional Methodology SV DDE

B.Ed Third Methodolgy & B.Ed additional Methodology SV DDE Distance Education B.Ed Third Mehodology The programme is essentially a judicious mix of theory and practical work to develop knowledge, skill, application and aptitude in teachers. The course is suitably supported by theoretical aspects to the extent needed taking all the above facts into account. The Directorate of Distance Education, S.V.University offers the following subjects for the Third Methodology in B.Ed.

B.Ed Third Methodolgy & B.Ed additional Methodology SV DDE

B.Ed Third Methodolgy & B.Ed additional Methodology SV DDE

1. Mathematics

2. Physical Science

3. Biological Science

4. Social Studies

5. English

6. Telugu

B.Ed 3rd Methodology Eligibility:

1. Candidate should have passed the B.Ed. Degree from S.V.University or any other recognized institution/University

2. The Methodology subject/subjects, which the candidate desires to take up as Third Methodology, should have been studied by him/her at UG level Admission The candidates will be required to submit duly filled-in application form along with the Xerox copies of the documents. The original documents are to be submitted only at the time of interview.

B.Ed Additional Methodology Duration of the Course

The duration of the programme is 6 months

Medium of Instruction

English and Telugu only

B.Ed 3rd Methodology Components of the Course

a. Contact Programme Classes (Compulsory)

15 days compulsory Contact Programme Classes will be conducted in ONE spell.

b. Demonstration and Teaching Practice Classes(Compulsory)

The Demonstration and Teaching Practice Classes will be conducted for 6 days. Attendance is compulsory for these classes also.

 c. Block-Teaching(Compulsory)

Compulsory Block-Teaching Programme with duration of 10 days will be conducted by the DDE. 56

Programme Fee

An amount of Rs.5850/-(Rs.145/- extra in case of other than S.V.University Degree Candidates) will be collected at the time of admissions for the entire programme. Candidates seeking admission into B.Ed. Third Methodology are advised not to pay the fee along with the filled-in application form. They will get a separate communication about their admission and payment of Fee.

Instructional System

The B.Ed. Third Methodology delivery system includes the Multi-Media approach, i.e., Self-Instructional Printing Material, Audio-Video Components, Assignments, Counselling Sessions and Practical Work in Schools and Workshops.

Printed Material

Printed Material (prepared in SIM mode) will be supplied to the candidates at the time of admission.


Records are an integral part of the curriculum and compulsory component of the instructional system. There are six records for one methodology subject. These records are to be submitted to the Director, Directorate of Distance Education, S.V.University, Tirupati. 

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