Medical Reimbursement Application Claim Preparation Process

Medical Reimbursement for AP State Govt Employees and Pensioners: For scrutinizing of medical bills at Directorate of Medical Education, Government of Andhra Pradesh, the following original documents/ certificates/letters should be submitted along with the claims. Xerox copies will not be accepted Government Employees/ Pensioners – Please show your Employee / Pensioners ID card at the hospital at the time of admission  Medical Reimbursement for state Government Employees.

Claims:Below Rs 50,000 Calims to be submit to DEOs above Rs.50,000 calim sent to CSE, Ibrahimpatnam, Amaravathi 


1. Forwarding Letter

2. Application Requisition of individual with date

3. Check list duly attested by the Forwarding Officer

4. Appendix-II duly signed by the Employee/Pensioner and attested by the Forwarding Officer

5. Non-Drawal Certificate in Prescribed proforma

6. Dependent Certificate as required in prescribed proforma with Forwarding Officer signature

7. P.P.O.(Pension Payment Order) copy in case of pensioner/family pensioner attested by the Forwarding Authority

8. In case of accident cases and treatment taken in un-recognized hospitals under emergency, FIR should be submitted

9. For every follow up treatment for post operative cases and who requires lifelong treatments, revalidation of prescription once in six month from special government doctor attested by Forwarding Officer

10. Legal Heir Certificate should be submitted in case of death of the

Teachers/Pensioners/Dependents duly attested by the Forwarding Authority

11. A copy of proceedings Issued by the Director of Medical Education for recognition of the hospital

12. Emergency Certificate/O.P in original duly signed and stamped by the treating doctor attested by Forwarding Officer

13. Essentiality Certificate in original duly signed and stamped by the treating doctor attested by Forwarding Officer

14. Discharge Summery/Discharge Memo.(OP card in respect of OP treatment) in original duly signed and stamped by the treating Doctor attested by Forwarding Officer

15. Abstract of Bills (All original Medical Bills should be signed with stamp by the treating Doctor) attested by Forwarding Officer.

16. Details proposal along with justification/need in case of claims where relaxation of rules in involved The concerned Forwarding Authorities/ Drawing and Disbursement Officers are personally held responsible for fake and fabricated bills and misappropriation of public

Medical Reimbursement Status: 

Medical Reimbursement claim status available in in website steps to Know the status:

  • Click on District
  • Click on Mandal 
  • Check your Medical Reiumbursement Status

Click here to Medical Reimbursement Status

Medical Reimbursement Claim Preparation Software

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