Provisional allocation of posts & personnel in the restructured District / Division offices – Procedural Guidelines GO.31 Dt:26.02.22

Finance Department - District Restructuring, 2022 – Human Resources- Allocation Provisional allocation of posts & personnel in the restructured District / Division offices  Procedural Guidelines - Orders- Issued 


G.O.Ms.No.31 Dated: 26-02-2022. 

 Read the following: 

 1. G.O.Rt.No.2098, Finance (Budget. I) Department, dated 07-08-2020. 

 2. G.O.Rt.No.2101, Finance (Budget. I) Department, dated 08-08-2020. 

 3. G.O.Rt.No.2207, Finance (Budget. I) Department, dated 22-08-2020. 

 4. Gazette Notifications, dated 26-01-2022 & 02-02-2022 on restructuring of districts in Andhra Pradesh. 



 The Government of Andhra Pradesh, in the references 1st and 2nd read above, have issued orders constituting a State Level Committee (SLC), chaired by Chief Secretary to Government, to study the aspects related to restructuring of the districts and undertake appropriate measures for optimal utilisation of existing resources in the creation of districts and in the reference 3rd read above, constituted four Sub-Committees (SCs) to assist the SLC in its mandate. 

2. In the reference 4th read above, the Government have issued the preliminary Gazette Notifications duly notifying the proposed restructured districts and revenue divisions. 

3. The Government has decided that the Government Offices in the restructured districts / revenue divisions shall start functioning from the appointed day i.e. the auspicious day of Ugadi (Saturday, 2nd April 2022). 

4. The restructuring of districts and revenue divisions inter-alia necessitates the inter-se allocation of the existing human and physical resources on a permanent basis, which requires time. 

5. In the interim, to ensure the orderly transition within the stipulated timelines, it is essential to make transitory arrangements for the inter-se allocation of existing posts & personnel to the reorganized districts and revenue divisions well in advance, so that the offices shall be fully functional from the appointed day. Accordingly, the following orders are issued for the provisional allocation of the posts & personnel. 


Provisional Allocation of Posts 

6.1 The offices at the State, Regional / Zonal, Mandal and Village levels shall not be considered for the purpose of the provisional allocation. 

6.2 The offices at the District & Divisional level shall be considered for the purpose of the provisional allocation.

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