Aptitude Test at School Level during 2021-2022 Secondary Schools for 8 to 10 Rc.No: 1027 Dt:11.03.22

School Education SCERT, AP Aptitude Test at School Level during 2021-2022 Secondary Schools for 8 to 10. Printing and supply of Aptitude Test Papers Books Orders issued


1 minutes of 2021-22 communicated by the DoSEL. Gal vide Lr. 14-5/202145-18, dt. 16th August, 2021. 2 DE of 2. Proc-255-15024/41/2021-5AMO-SSA Dt. 05/12/2021 at the State Projector, Samagra Shiksha. AP

All the District Educational cers in the state are informed that in the reference 2 cited, the Stateiect Director, Samagra Shiksha has directed to organize several activit pertaining to Aptitude Test at Secondary School Level during 2021-2003

As a part of implementing the interveny test papers for Aptitude Test for the students of Classes 8 to 10 are red by the SCERT and made a booklet. Further, a is proposed to print and samely of One Aptitude Test Resource Booklet to each high school (governmeg managed only).

Therefore, the District Educational Officers in the sta a requested to print and supply the said books to schools and studerthough the DCEBS concerned as mentioned below. The soft copy of books will be shared to all the District Educational Officers by SCERT. AP. The printing cost is exercised as per DCEB norms

The details of budget allocated for printing and supply of Aptitude Test booklets to be printed and supplied to schools and students are asbelow.

Aptitude Test  Question Papers

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