PINDICS 2nd Quarter Online Link

Performance Indicators (PINDICS) are used to assess the performance and progress of teachers. It consists of performance standards (PS), specific standards and performance indicators. Performance standards are the areas in which teachers perform their tasks and responsibilities.

PINDICS 2nd Quarter Online Link 


PINDICS can be used by teachers themselves for assessing their own performance and to make continuous efforts to reach the highest level. These can also be used for teacher appraisal by the supervisory staff/mentor to assess and to provide constructive feedback for the improvement of teacher performance. Each performance indicator is rated on four point scale ranging from 1 to 4 indicating the levels of performance.

The rating points are:

1.Not meeting the expected standard

2.Approaching the expected standard

3.Approached the expected standard

4.Beyond the expected standard

If the teacher performs tasks in an innovative way and makes extra efforts for improving student performance can be rated as beyond the expected standard.

Guidelines for Teachers

Self-assessment by the teacher should be done at least twice in a year, one ending first quarter and second ending third quarter.

  1. Complete the teacher identification information.
  2. No item should be left blank.
  3. Read each performance indicator carefully and reflect on it in the context of your classroom practice and give rating point in appropriate box.
  4. Place yourself on a point on the four point scale according to your performance against each indicator.
  5. Prepare a descriptive report on the basis of your assessment. The report may also include the areas in which help is required.
  6. After final submission you may download the teacher performance sheet
PINDICS 2nd Quarter Online Link is open, all school teachers are required to submit this Second Quarter PINDICS FORM online this March. Comprehensive Punishment Their Official PINDICS Online Google Form Link is available in below link......

Note: 2nd Quarter Submission Last Date: 31.03.22

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