New District DEO Offices Address Rc.15

School Education District Restructuring, 2022 in Andhra Pradesh Location and address of reorganized districts as proposed by the District Collectors concerned - Notified - Regarding RC.No:15 Dt:04.04.22 


1)G.O.Ms.No.674. General Administration (SPF) Dept.,Dt:20.10.1975. 

2)G.O.Rt.No.2098, Finance (Budget.l) Dept., Dt:07.08.2020.

3)G.O.Rt.No.2101, Finance (Budget.I) Dept., Dt:08.08.2020. 

4)G.O.Rt.No.2207, Finance (Budget.I) Dept., Dt:22.08.2020. 

5)G.O.Rt.No.35 to 61, Revenue (Lands-IV) Dept., Dt:25.01.2022 on Restructuring/formation of districts in Andhra Pradesh) 

6)G.O.Rt.No.173 to 198, Revenue (Lands-IV) Dept., Dt:02.04.2022 (Final Gazette Notifications, Dated:03.04.2022 on(Preliminary Gazette Notifications, Dated:26.01.2022 & 02.02.2022 Restructuring/formation of districts in Andhra Pradesh) 

7)Directions of the Government on 04-04-2022 (efile No. 1258389)


The Government have constituted the State level Committee (SLC) to study various aspects related to creation/formation/restructuring of Districts and to undertake appropriate measures to optimally utilize the existing resources in creation of Districts. As a part of above exercise, a subcommittee III (Assets and Infrastructure) is formed under the Chairmanship of Prl, Secy. TR& B Dept., to study on various aspects and one of that is arriving at the assets and infrastructure allocation plans, ensuring that to the possible extent, the new district offices are housed in the existing buildings to avoid unnecessary expenditure.

2. Further, the Government have issued the final Notification for restructuring of existing (13) districts into (26) districts in the State of Andhra Pradesh, vide the reference 8th read above.

3. Further, basing on the reports of the District Educational Officers with the approval of the District Collectors concerned, it is notified that, the District Educational Offices in respect of the following districts will work from the address noted against each of the district from 04.04.2022 onwards

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