Sustainable Development Goals- APSIRDPR-Capacity Building Trainings to the officers and teachers

School Education - Sustainable Development Goals- APSIRDPR-Capacity Building Trainings to the officers and teachers from the Districts and below level- Schedule for Orientation-Orders- Issued.


1.Lr. No.18/APSIRD/Trainings/SDGs/2022 dated: 26-04-2022

2. G.O.Rt.No.38 Planning Department, Dated: 17.03.2022 of the Planning Department, Government of Andhra Pradesh.

3. G.O.Rt. No. 48 Planning Department, dated.11.04.2022 of the Planning Department, Government of Andhra Pradesh

4. This ofce Procs. Rc.No.28022/1/2022 PLG-CSE, dt.05-05-2022.


As per the instructions of Chief Secretary to Government of Andhra Pradesh and Special Chief Secretary, School Education Department, it is proposed to sensitize all the stakeholders of the department especially teachers working in the schools under all Government managements about the SDG (sustainable development goals) on the role for further improvement on priority indicators. Asa part of it, it was decided to do the capacity building and orientation.

Accordingly a detailed schedule is annexed along with the links for live streaming of the said orientation. After the said orientation another link will be forwarded to all the participants for assessment/feedback/registration the details are hereunder:

a. All the participants as per the list mentioned hereunder must attend the said schedule of orientation for one hour using the link which will be shared one day before. (11.00 am to 12.00 Noon). In continuation to this ofce Procs. 4th read above, all the Regional Joint Directors of School Education and District Educational ofcers in the State are informed that the Chief Secretary to Government has developed SoP for localization of SDGs and institutionalized a robust monitoring framework for SDGs and Navaratnalu at State and District levels. The 3rd part of SoP which is connected to Capacity Building of Functionaries at various levels in the state has been developed in order to give orientation on indicators related to Sustainable

Development GoalsThe second link will be enabled from 12.30 to 1.00 pm i.e., after the live streaming of the orientation session. 

c. Through the second link all participants need to complete registration,online assessment for 100 marks carrying 20 questions (Each question carries 5 marks)and also feedback.

d. During the Assessment, if any one scores less than 50% need to repeat the assessment until he/she scores 50% marks.

e. In case if the participants want to listen the said orientation session again they can visit APSIRD ofcial youtube channel.

f. Directions may be issued to all the Head Master/Teachers informing the scheduled date and instruction to download the “Microsoft teams” app in their mobile phone/tab/laptop/desktop. The link which will be shared one day before will open through “Microsoft Teams” App only. Chat box is also available during the live streaming for doubt clarifcations if any. The list of participants is enclosed.

Top priority should be given to this item of work

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