Municipal Schools Entrustment of Supervision and Administrative Responsibilites of Municipal Schools Rc.2122

Sub MA & UD Dept. Municipal Schools Entrustment of Supervision and Administrative Responsibilites of Municipal Schools to Education Department Orders issued Further. instructions issued-teg

Ref-1. GOMs.No.34 MA & UD (D1) Dept, dated 24.06.2022

2 Endt Roc. No. 21022/2/2022/E1, dated 24/06/2022.

3. La Roc. No.475/2015/A1, dated 27.06.2022 of the ROMA.Viskhapatanam.

4. Lr Roc.No.664/2022/A6. dated 27.06.2022 of the ROMA. Rajamahendravaram

5. Lr Roc. No.28901/2022/A1. dated 27.06.2022 of the ROMA Guntur

6 Lr Roc. No.155/2022/A3, dated 27.06.2022 of the ROMA,Anantapuramu

The attention of the Commissioners of ULBS, where Municipal Schools exists is invited to the references cited and it is to inform that in the reference 1" cited the Government have issued orders for transfer of Supervision and Administrative responsibilities of the Municipal Schools including services matters of the Municipal Teachers to the Schools Education Dept...with the following conditions

Supension and Administrative responsibilities of Teachers establishment be handed over to School Education Dept, as was done by the Panchayat Raj Dept., in case of ZP/MPP Teachers. As the amalgamation proposal of 2P/MPP Teachers with Government Teachers is under court itigation, the services of Municipal School Teachers may be considered as a separate service and accordingly. the School Education Department will issue separate set of service Tules for Municipal Teachers as was done in the case of ZP/MP Teachers

Alternative arrangements are to be made by School Education Depr for deploying the non-teaching staff in the Municipal Schools and such time the existing non-teaching staff of UL shall continue. The contingent staff Le.. Sweepers etc., of the Municipal Schools shall be taken over by School Education Department The Ownership of movable and immovable assets of Municipal Schools will continue to remain with the respective Municipal Councils/Corporations

2 In pursuance to the above Govemment orders, in the reference 2 cited, all the Commissioners of the ULBS where Municipal Schools exists and the RDMAS in the State were requested to take necessary action in the mattor. In compliance to the above orders, the RDMA in the State vide references 

3 to 6th cited have reported that all the Commissioners of ULBS in their respective regions have handed over the Supervision and Administrative Responsibilities of Municipal Schools including service matters of the Municipal Teachers to the School Education Department on 25.06.2022 3. In this regard, it is to inform that the proposals of Municipal Teachers like Medical Reimbursements, Permissions to go abroad transfer applications are sent to this office with a request to issue necessary orders.

4 Therefore, all the Commissioners of the ULBS where Municipal Schools exists are requested to inform all the Municipal Teachers property and clearly to send all their Medical Reimbursement proposals, Permission to go abroad and other service related matters to the Commissioner of School Education, AP, brahimpatnam through proper channel as prescribed by the School Education Department for taking further action. and not to send to this office so as to avoid hardship and unnecessary delay in the matter.

5 Further, all the Commissioners are requested to update the Service Registers of the Municipal Teachers up to the date of issue of Ga under reference 1st cited/up to date of handing over as the case may be immediately on priority basis for avoiding further complications in the matter

The Commissioners are also requested to send a certificate stating that all the Service Registers of Teachers of their UL have been updated with necessary entries relating their service to this office after completion of the same

7 A the ADMA in the State are requested to guide the Commissioners of ULs in the matter and ensure that the above instructions are complied with by the concemed Commissioners in their region, without any deviation

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