Mapping of Schools transition of mapped schools deployment of teachers Implementation of guidelines issued Rc.53

Sub:School Education - Reopening of schools Review the preparedness for distribution of JVK kits, School readiness programme Mapping of Schools transition of mapped schools deployment of teachers Implementation of guidelines issued w.r.t Academic and Administrative reforms Monitoring and guidance by the Special Officers Certain instructions issued Reg. 


1. This office proc. Rc.No.ESE02/290/2022-SCERT dated:04/04/2022.

2. This office proc. Rc.No.ESE02-13/90/2021-EST 3-CSE-Part(7) Date: 13/06/2022.

3. This office proc. Rc.No.ESE02-13/90/2021-EST 3-CSE-Part(7) Date:15/06/2022 

4. This office proc.R c.No: ESE02/440/2022-SCERT Dated:25/06/2022, R.C.No. ESE02/396/2022-SCERT

5. This office proc. Date:25/06/2022.

6. This office proc. Rc.No.24/A&1/2022, Date:25/06/ proc. R.C. No.ESE02/329/2022 SCERT 8. Rc.No.SS-16021/50/2021-CMO SEC -SSA dt. 29.06.2022 of

7. This Dated:26/06/2022 the State Project Director, Samagra, AP.


Attention of the Special Officers appointed for overall monitoring of School Mapping, Reapportionment, Conversion, Up-gradation, Promotions and transfers in respect of teaching staff is invited to the references cited where in certain instructions/guidelines are issued regarding implementation of academic and administrative reforms such as mapping of schools, capacity building of Headmasters, implementation of academic calendar, lesson plans, school readiness, remedial teaching and distribution of JVK Kits etc., and they are aware that the academic year 2022-23 is commencing on 5th July 2022 with the distribution of JVK Kits by the Hon'ble Chief Minister.

2. In view of the above all the special officers are hereby directed to visit the respective districts allotted from tomorrow and launch of JVK in any school. 

Further they are informed to observe the implementation of various instructions / guidelines issued in the references cited and to conduct reviews with the field functionaries and Headmasters. Further, the special officers must review the preparedness by the district for distribution of JVK kits, school readiness program, mapping of schools and all other instructions / guidelines issued for the smooth transition of mapped schools, deployment of teachers etc.,

3. Further, they are directed to visit schools and review all the activities in schools such as student attendance, teacher attendance, preparation of lesson plans in prescribed format, school readiness, remedial teaching plan, tagging of students to mapped schools, etc., and to submit the compliance daily to the undersigned without fail.

4. Therefore, all the Special Officers are requested to camp in the respective districts at least three to four days from 5th July 2022 and make extensive tour and visit as many schools as possible, guide the field functionaries and Headmasters in proper implementation of all activities and give the direct feedback to the undersigned daily on the status of the district on implementation of the guidelines / instructions issued.

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