KGBVS - Transfers to the Teaching Staff of KGBVS Revised Schedule issued Rc.210211

APSS - KGBVS - Transfers to the Teaching Staff of KGBVS Revised Schedule issued-Regarding.

1. GO. Rt. No. 103, dated; 29.06.2022 School Education (PROG-II) Department.

2. This office Proceedings Rc. No. 55-21021/53/2022-IED & KGBV SSA, dated: 07.07.2022

3. This office Proc. Rc. No: SS-21021/53/2022-IED & KGBV-SSA Date: 26.07.2022

4. Orders of the Hon'ble High Court, dated: 01.08.2022.

The Attention of all the District Educational Officer & Ex-Officio Project Coordinators and Additional Project Coordinators, Samagra Shiksha in the State are invited to the references 1 to 3 cited where in certain instructions issued for taking up the transfers to all the Teaching Staff in all the KGBVS in the State.

Further, it is also informed that, in the reference 4th cited Hon'ble High Court has directed to extend the time for taking applies the petitioners and all other similarly situated persons are at liberty to submit their grievances with regard to their transfers and seniority till 06.08.2022 and the respondents are at liberty to display the final seniority list thereafter, after considering the objections.

In continuation to the orders issued in the reference 3rd cited the revised time schedule is here with communicated for taking further course of action.

KGBV Transfers Schedule

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