PAL: Personalized Adaptive Learning in the State Certain Instructions Rc.31021

SE-IT -Implementation of Personalized Adaptive Learning (PAL) Program in the State Certain Instructions Issued.

Rc.No.ESE02-31021/99/2018-PMU-CSE 19/10/2022

Ref: This office proc. RC.No.ESE02-31021/99/2018-PMU-CSE. Dated:09/10/2019

All the District Educational Officers, mentioned in the following schedule are informed that the Department of School Education (CSE) intends to restart the Personalised Adaptive Learning (PAL) solution in 560 schools in the State. The objective of this intervention is to help teachers identify and improve the student's actual learning levels, provide relevant assessments and educational content and help students to gain mastery at his/her grade level learning outcome in an efficient, convenient and transparentmanner.

In this connection, it is proposed to organize the orientation the Headmasters and Teachers concerned for elective implementation of PAL program, as per the schedule annexed and the said training will be conducted through online, post conduct of the online training FMS will visit the schools and reinforce the online training with practical practice the following need to be ensured before the setting of the PAL labs:

How a PAL Lab will look like: Set-up of the Classroom, Installation of devices in the classroom (To include aspects like opening of devices, arranging them in the classroom, switching hem on, and ensuring the PAL software is installed, is available and isfunctioning) 

Demo of the PAL solution: To include various nuances like the admin login, student registration and login,etc..

Usage of PAL Lab for Learning: Creating a time tablet to ensure all grades (6 to 9th receive at least 2 hours/ subject/ week, navigating the PAL solution (pre-tests. Tasks, content videos.etc..) 

Reports - Syncing school data, generating reports, viewing reports online, leveraging these reports for remediallearning

Roles and Responsibilities of Stakeholders


To ensure HMs and all the designated Teachersare participating in the trainingprograms Stakeholder 1 DEO's

To share the details of teachers participating inthe Training

Support the vendors in conducting on-sitetraining across allschools To monitor and report the visits of FMS to allthe schools in the district

To Ensure PAL is restarted across all schools


To ensure availability of a separate room to set fa up PAL Lab

To ensure nodal teachers are selected and are attending the training

To ensure in hers are exposed to PAL and are prepared questions prior to their online

To esure timetable is created to implement PAL www.and

To ensure PAL classes are started as per the

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