Honorable AP High Court Proceeding Sheet


MAIN CASE No. W.P.Nos.40701, 40743, 40760, 40776, 40777, 40797, 40909, 41123, 41128, 41389, 41406, 41457, 41145, 41192, 41195, 41199, 41473, 41475, 41499, 41511, 41516, 41525, 41540, 41541, 41543 and41578 of 2022



Heard the Ld. Counsel for the Writ Petitioners and Sri Bhima Rao, Ld. Government Pleader for Services-III appearing for the Official Respondents.

2. Sri Bhima Rao, Ld. Government Pleader for Services-III has submitted a table indicating the treatment of various issues raised by the Writ Petitioners.

3. This Court notices that almost in every case, the Writ Petitioners are seeking indulgence Prasad in more than one issue or multiple issues which are covered 10.12.2022. under G.O.Ms.No.187, date

4. Sri Bhima Rao, Ld. Government Pleader for Services-III seeks further time to file comprehensive Counter-Affidavits dealing with all the issues keeping in mind the fact that the present table handed over by him does not settle the grievances raised by the Writ Petitioners herein for the time being.

5. This Court has on the earlier occasion, was pleased to direct the Official Respondents to Prasad proceed with the process under G.O.Ms.No.187 up to the Stage-4 (Serial-4) mentioned in Paragraph No.6 of the G.O. and await for further Orders from this Court.

6. Liberty was granted to the Official Respondents only to process up to Stage-4 (Serial-4) of Paragraph No.6 of the G.O.Ms.No.187; and that they shall not proceed beyond Stage-4 (Serial-4) until further Orders. Since this process is now completed, they are at liberty to consider/redress the Replies/ Objections of the Writ Petitioners as contemplated at Stage-5 (Serial-5) and await for further Orders of this Court. It is clarified that they shall not display the Final List as contemplated at Stage-6 (Serial-6) of Paragraph No.6 of the G.O.Ms.No. 187, dated 10.12.2022 until further Orders.

7. In view of the request made by Sri Bhima Rao, Ld. Government Pleader for Services-III, one week time is granted for filing Counter-Affidavits.

8. List the mater on 04.01.2023 at 1.00 P.M. Rejoinders may be filed before the next date.

Honorable High Court Case Sheet

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