Municipal Teachers Work Adjustment 2022 in needy Municipal Schools (PS/UP/HS) with surplus Municipal Teachers

School Education Department Delegation of powers and functions to the Headmasters working the Schools of Government, ZPP/MPP and Municipal Management, Mandal Educational Officers / Deputy Inspectors of Schools, Deputy Educational Officers, District Educational Officers and the Commissioner of School Education - Certain Instructions - Issued.

Rc.No.13/26/2022-EST (3) 7-CSE Dated: 03/12/2022


1. G.O.Ms.No.84, Municipal Administration and Urban Development (D1) Department, Dated: 24.06.2022.

2. This office Proceedings Rc.No.ESE02-13/26/2022-EST 3-CSE,Dated: 25.06.2022,

3. This Office Memo No.ESE02-13/26/2022-EST 3-CSE-Part(1),Dated: 07.07.2022, 27.07.2022 and 16.08.2022.

4. Lr.No:Fin02-18067/3/2022-H SEC-DTA, Dated: 26.08.2022 of the Director of Treasuries and Accounts, A.P., Vijayawada addressed to the C&DMA, A.P.

5. This office Memo No.13/26/2022-EST 3-CSE-Part(1), Dated:02.09.2022 and e-mail, Dated: 13.09.2022, 19.09.2022 &30.09.2022.

6. This office Letter Rc.No.ESE02-13/26/2022-EST 3-CSE-Part(1),Dated: 17.10.2022.

7. G.O.Ms.No.180, School Education (Ser.1) Department, Dated: 18.11.2022.

8. This office Memo No.ESE02-12021/143/2022-EST 2-CSE- Part(1), Dated: 21.11y.2022.

9. This office Proceedings Rc.No.13/26/2022-EST (3) 7-CSE, Dated: 23.11.2022.


In continuation of the orders issued in the reference 9th read above,all the District Educational Officers in the State is hereby informed that, it has brought to the notice of the undersigned that, there is lack of subject teachers in the Municipal Schools (PS/UP/HS) in the state.

Therefore, all the District Educational Officers in the state are hereby instructed to take up the work adjustment in needy Municipal Schools (PS/UP/HS) with surplus Municipal Teachers. If there are no surplus teachers in Municipal Schools, then identifying the surplus Teachers in Government/ZPP/MPP Management shall be adjusted them into the needy Municipal schools preferably within Mandal or adjacent Mandals, during this academic year 2022-23.

Further, all the District Educational Officers in the state are instructed to complete the above said work on or before 06.12.2022 and furnish the action taken report to this office duly certifying the completion of the above said work. Any deviation in this issue will be viewed seriously.

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