Bio.Metric attendance to the Village / Ward Secretariat functionaries Memo:114

GVWV & VSWS Department - Payment of salaries linked with Bio.Metric attendance to the Village / Ward Secretariat functionaries for the period 01-01-2023 to 31-01-2023-certain instructions issued - Regarding.

Memo No: 114/F/2022, Dt: 24.01.2023

Ref: 1. Circular No 55/2020 of Director, GVWV &VSWS Department, dated 24-08-2020

2. G.O.MS.No: 1 Dated: 04-02-2021 of GVWV & VSWS Department 

3. Circular No: 40/D/2021 of Director, GVWV&VSWS Department, Dt: 28/06/2021

4. Memo No:151 /D/2021/e-1352867, Dated:24/10/2021 of Director,GVWV & VSWS Department

The Government is implementing the biometric attendance linked salaries to the Village/ Ward Secretariat Functionaries and accordingly certain instructions are issued from time to time vide references cited.

All the Drawing and Disbursing Officers (DDOS) of the Village/ Ward Secretariats are requested to adhere to the following instructions on payment of salaries linked with Bio Metric attendance for the period from 01-01-2023 to 31-01-2023 to be paid on 1 February 2023. 1. The Bio Metric attendance period cycle for the December 2022 is from 23- 12-2022 to 22-01-2023 (the attendance period cycle mentioned is only for purpose of determining the attendance of the employee. Based on attendance days in above cycle, the salary needs to be paid proportionately for the month of January 2023 from 01-01-2023 to 31-01-2023)

2. Deduct the salary for the un authorized absent days in the attendance cycle period i.e. from 23-12-2022 to 22-01-2023. (Absent days - Total days in attendance calendar - (present days+ holidays + leaves attendance authorized & Regularized))

3. HRMS application and logins were provided to all the Village /Ward Secretariat functionaries to apply for CL, optional Holiday, Medical & Maternity Leave and for regularizing the attendance in case of Trainings, Bio Metric failures, Meetings, On duty etc. 

4. Attendance dashboard is provided in the GSWS website(!/Att endance ReportMandal) for checking the day wise attendance. 

5. All the DDOS are requested to pay the salaries to all the Village / Ward Secretariat functionaries (including old Panchayat secretaries, old VROS, old Municipal Employees) based on the attendance reports available in the above report (Mentioned in point No4).

6. Consider the leaves and attendance authorized shown in the above dashboard attendance report as "Present" 

7. Causal Leave, Optional holidays, Medical leave and Maternity leave are enabled in HRMS application. Calculate other leaves manually and consider them as "Present" while paying the salary.

All the Drawing and Disbursing Officers (DDOs) of the Village/ Ward Secretariat functionaries are instructed to ensure the above guidelines accordingly while uploading and submitting the salary bills to the Treasury.

Any deviations from the above guidelines shall be viewed seriously.

All the District Collectors as well as District Treasury Officers are requested to implement above guidelines while paying the salaries to the Village/ Ward secretariat functionaries for the month of January 2023 to paid on 1" February 2023.

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