UDISE + School Data Capture 2022-23

UDISE + School Data Capture 2022-23 UDISE+ School Data Capture UDISE+ is an improved and updated online version of UDISE is one of the largest Management Information Systems on School Education covering more than 1.5 million schools, 9.6 million teachers, and 264 million children. With this application, Data is collected for schools, teachers, enrolment, and vocational education as per the Data Capture Format (DCF) uploaded on the website.

The DCF in PDF format can be downloaded from udiseplus.gov.in. Schools that have internet access, feed, and capture data directly in the online UDISE+ software. The schools that do not have internet access have to fill the physical DCF and the Block MIS coordinator capture the data of all such schools online using the UDISE+ software. All schools in all the States/UTs have to provide data directly through the software. In the rare cases where such schools do not have any internet access, the data shall be entered in PC/Laptop in offline mode and uploading may be done at BRC/CRC/URC where internet facility is available.

To ensure data accountability, a certificate will be generated through the software at all levels and data can be submitted only after certifying for 100% coverage and correctness of data. The person certifying data shall be held responsible for all the data he/she is certifying.

UDISE + School Data Capture 2022-23 School Profile:

Section 1A - Basic School Profile (Location, Management,

Medium of Instruction etc),

Section 1B - School Safety (For All type of Schools) -

Receipts and Expenditure,

Section 1C - PGI and Other Indicators (Only For

Government and Government Aided Schools)

Section 1D- Receipts and Expenditure

Section 1E - Vocational Education under NSQF at Institutional level 

UDISE+ : Expected Outcomes & Benefits

  1. Enables real-time exchange of information and provides a platform for online uploading of school related details (UDISE+ data).
  2. Provides a platform to organize and classify all school data across the country, and build a credible database of school data.
  3. Provides unique UDISE code to schools to uniquely identify them.
  4. Improved monitoring, measurement and tracking of vital KPIs related to school performance.
  5. Enables leveraging data analytics on school data to identify factors affecting school performances.
  6. Time-series data allows to study the trend over years and monitor improvement/growth.
  7. Rationalizes the capturing of school data - improves consistency and reduces error.
  8. Provides traceability and audit trails of officials uploading the school data, Provides improved security of the sensitive school/student data.
  9. Provides improved security of the sensitive school/student data.
  10. Provides insights on the status of school education in states/UTs including key performance levers and areas for improvement.

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