Providing of Tabs to Schools Teachers dealing with Class-VIII-Schools

School Education - Providing of Tabs to Schools Teachers dealing with Class-VIII-Schools - Orders - Issued.

ESE02/844/2022-IT-CSE Dt: 19/02/2023


1) G.O.Ms.No 134 School Education (PROG.II) Dept. Dt. 03.08.2022. 

2) This office Procs.even number, Dated: 26/11/2022 and 07.12.2022

Providing of Tabs to Schools Teachers dealing with Class-VIII-Schools


In continuation to the orders issued vide reference read above, all the District Educational officers in the state are informed that, Government of Andhra Pradesh has desired to provide tabs to Class 8 Students of all Government Schools preloaded with BYJU'S Premium content at free of cost and Hon'ble Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh has launched the said event on 21-12-2022.

2. Further, it is informed that the said Tabs have been distributed to all the Students Studying Eighth Class in both Government and Aided Schools and to the Teachers dealing Class VIII, duly installing, and activating the BYJUS content in all Tabs.

3. Further, for monitoring the usage of tabs by students and teachers, it is necessary that the tabs are synced to the server at frequent intervals. hence all the tabs are to be connected to the internet for five minutes on every Friday. For this purpose, wherever internet connectivity is made available in schools through APFSL, a wifi router shall be installed in each of the class 8 classrooms by the Headmaster utilising the Nadu-Nedu or SMF funds. each of the students and teachers tabs shall be synced to server on Friday every week.

4. Therefore, all the District Educational Officer in the State are requested to disseminate the above instructions to their respective Mandal Educational Officers and see that the task is completed within the stipulated time. All the Regional Joint Directors in the state should closely monitor the above activity and ensure that top priority should be given to this item of work.

5. These instructions should be followed scrupulously. Any deviation of these instructions will be viewed seriously, and suitable disciplinary action will be initiated against such defaulters as per rules in force.

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