School Education Employees mark attendance marked strictly as per the Office Timings Memo:15021

The attention of all the employees of the School Education Department are invited towards the issue of punctuality in office attendance, as per the provisions of District Office Manual. It has been observed that despite repeated instructions, employees are not maintaining punctuality in attendance. It is the responsibility of all concerned departments to ensure punctuality in respect of their employees.

Cir.No.ESE02-15021/30/2023-EST 5-CSE, Date: 09/03/2023

In this regard, it is hereby directed that attendance of all employees of the School Education Department must be marked strictly as per the office timings in Facial app, permitted for the department by the Government. The Head of the unit is line as per the rules in force. herif to make the process in

It is further informed that visits may be conducted by the Principal Secretary for School Education, Government of A.P. Therefore, all the employees are requested to strictly adhere to the above instructions and ensure punctuality in marking facial attendance.

This has got the approval of the Commissioner of School Education, A.P., Amaravati.

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