Two years Intermediate Course Annual Academic Programme (Calendar) for the Academic Year 2023-24 Rc.99

BIE,AP Academic Two years Intermediate Course Annual Academic Programme (Calendar) for the Academic Year 2023-24 - Regarding.

 Rc No. 99/13/Calendar/2023-24, dated: 28-04-2023

All the Principals of Junior Colleges and Composite Degree Colleges offering Intermediate Course in the State are informed that the Tentative Annual Academic Programme (Calendar) for the academic year 2023-24 in respect of Junior and Composite Degree Colleges in the State offering two years Intermediate course in general and vocational courses is as follows

All the Principals/Managements are requested to follow the instructions given hereunder:

1. All the Managements of Private Un-Aided Junior Colleges are informed that according to Annual Calendar of 2023-24, the Junior Colleges are deemed to be closed for summer vacation from 29-03-2024 (Friday) to 31-05-2024 (Friday).

2. In addition to the vacation, all Sundays, Second Saturdays & public holidays declared by the Government of Andhra Pradesh shall be observed as holidays. 

3. Admissions shall be made only in accordance with the admission schedule announced by Andhra Pradesh State Board of Intermediate Edag Education. 

4. No college shall indulge in undue canvassing convince/ attract students which results in unhealthy competition among coll

5. No advertisement should be carried ou hoardings, pamphlets, wall writings. lectronic media or print media etc. will result in unhealthy competitions among the colleges. guarantee of performanc

6. All the principals of un-aided Junior Colleges are instructed not to offer or promise any success at a public examination in advance as an inducement for admissio as it amounting to violation of Rule 

7 of Andhra Pradesh pubic Examinations-prevention of Malpractice & Unfair means) Rules 1997 issued in GO.Ms.No.114, dated 13-05-1997. Any violation noticed will be dealt under Law.

8. All the private college managements are hereby instructed to send the qualified, experienced staff for spot valuation camps, whenever required/ordered.

All the Managements of private un-aided Jr. Colleges are hereby informed that, if any deviation is noticed, the Andhra Pradesh State Board of Intermediate Education will take action against the managements including dis-affiliation of the college.

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