"Coffee with the Education Assistant of the Village and Ward Secretariat" by the Mandal Education Officers certain Instructions Memo:2115983

Program called "Coffee with the Education Assistant of the Village and Ward Secretariat" by the Mandal Education Officers certain Instructions - Reg

Memo.No.2115983/A1/General/2023 Dated:19.06.2023

The District Collectors and the District Education Officers are Informed that, to achieve the vision of Government of Andhra Pradesh to have Gross Enrolment Ratio (GER) of 100% in primary and secondary level, the best quality of the Gorumudda program, best maintenance of schools and toilets through the School Maintenance Fund and Toilet Maintenance Fund, it is important that the Education Assistant of the Village and Ward Secretariat should be totally Integrated with the Education Department. On paper, this institution was created on 2nd October 2019, and 10,000 Young and Dynamic persons were posted as Education Assistants. However, the department because of its slow nature of changing its mindset, has not owned up to this institution of Education Assistant till now.

2. The District Collectors the District Education Officers and the Mandal Education Officers, shall recognize that it is the responsibility of the older institution to make the new institution comfortable in the system and not vice versa, in other words, District Education Officers, and Mandal Education Officers be older institutions, it is their responsibility to make the Education Assistant comfortable. Keeping this in mind, Mandal Education Officers shall have a program called "Coffee with Education Assistant", let it be a one-to- one meetings and not a one-to-many meeting in which the Mandal Education Officers will share the vision of the Government regarding Mission Gross Enrolment Ratio 100, Jagananna Gorumudda, Jangananna Vidya Kanuka, Toilet Maintenance Fund, and School Maintenance Fund, and also about the importance of having 100% attendance of the students in schools. Each Mandal Educational Officer should have 2 to 3 such meetings every week. Similarly, District Education Officers will have a Mandal wise meeting with the Education Assistants of the Mandal. The meeting will be a half day meeting followed by lunch/high-tea. Education Assistant have a network with Volunteers and through volunteers, we can reach out to the parents of Students. It is smart and prudent on the part of Headmasters, and Mandal Education Officers to use the network of Education Assistants and Volunteers to reach out to the parents of students for improving the areas like, higher attendance of students, higher attendance of parents in parents-teacher meetings, improved behavior to students wearing shoes, etc.

3. The District Collectors are therefore, requested to not only facilitate this program but also monitor this program for 5-6 weeks so that this program attains critical mass and gets into auto-pilot mode.

4. The Commissioner of School Education is also requested to take further necessary action accordingly in the matter.

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