Restrictions on Use of mobile phones in the classrooms- certain guidelines Rc.828

School Education - SCERT, AP Restrictions on Use of mobile phones in the classrooms- certain guidelines - Reg.

Ref: 1.Feedback from the stakeholders during the workshop on 03-08- 2023. 2. Global Educational Monitoring Report - 2023 by UNESCO

The mobile phone has emerged as the single electronic gadget that has been consuming class time of some teachers. The social media orother entertainment aspects of mobiles hardly contribute anythingtowards the syllabus which is to be taught primarily to students in theclassrooms. It has been seen that many teachers take mobile phones intothe classrooms during teaching hours for their personal use and not forany professional requirement. This diverts teaching time in the classroomto other purposes that are unproductive children. for the academic improvement of

The Hon'ble Minister for Education, Government of Andhra Pradesh has chaired a meeting on 03.08.2023 regarding consultations on "Promoting Ease of Living through Good Governance and use of technology in Schooling". Among other topics, a detailed discussion took place on the impact of the use of mobile phones in classrooms, in particular, and school premises in general. The general consensus among the teachers, union representatives and education experts was to restrict the use of mobile phones in the classrooms as the negative impact of mobile phones on learning outweighs its utility.

Further, in accordance with the recent UNESCO Report (2023), and recognizing the escalating concerns surrounding the detrimental effects of mobile phone usage on students' academic performance and well-being, it is hereby mandated that all educational institutions within the state enforce immediate and resolute measures to regulate mobile phone usage. The primary objective is to strike a harmonious balance between the benefits of technology and the potential detriments arising from excessive mobile phone usage. Some key points of global Research on the Adverse Effects of Mobile

Phones are:

In the contemporary world, mobile phones have garnered an immense user base of 6.378 billion globally, encompassing approximately 80.69% of the global population. The management of smartphone usage

presents challenges, particularly within the student demography. Research underscores a plethora of compelling reasons to curtail mobile phone usage. Notably, a study has illuminated the difficulty students encounter in maintaining concentration when studying in close proximity to their phones, even in cases where active usage is absent. Moreover, there is mounting evidence linking smartphone usage to diminished sleep quality heightened stress levels, and compromised concentration

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