IPE March 2024 AP Inter Due dates for Payment of Examination fee for 1st & 2nd year Regular, Private and ex-failed students (

BIE, A.P – IPE March 2024 - Due dates for Payment of Examination fee for 1st & 2nd year Regular, Private and ex-failed students (General and Vocational), Attendance exempted candidates appearing for Humanities (without college study) and with change of group– Communicated-Reg.


The Due Dates for payment of examination fee for First Year and Second Year Regular students, failed students (General and Vocational), Attendance exempted private candidates (withoutcollege study) appearing for Humanities group and with Change of Group to appear for ensuing Intermediate Public Examinations, March 2024 are furnished here under:

Remittance of Examination Fee through Online:

The Board of Intermediate Education A.P., has decided to collect the Examination & other feethrough IDBI Bank, Ring Road Branch, Vijayawada and State Bank of India, MachavaramBranch, Vijayawada by on-line transfer from the existing college Accounts to B.I.E Account of theconcerned banks through e-challan generated in https://jnanabhumi.ap.gov.in/ for First Year &Second Year regular and ex-failed students (Gen &Voc), including attendance exemptedcandidates for IPE March 2024 on or before the due dates. The Principals have to confirmexamination fee as per following NR wise.

1. First year Regular (General)

2. First year Vocational

3. First year Bridge course (General)

4. Second year Regular(General)

5. Second year Vocational(Regular)

6. Second year Private(General)

7. Second year Private(Vocational)

8. Second year Bridge course

The Principals of the colleges, who do not have their account in the above banks, are alsoinformed to pay the fee through the generated challan provided in the BIE web sitehttps://jnanabhumi.ap.gov.in/ in the above banks only. 

At the first instance, the Principal has to confirm the fee paid by candidates NR wise as shownabove. Then select the Bank to be remitted i.e., IDBI Bank /State Bank of India. Generate the e-challan which shows the amount and bank to be remitted. The Principal can generate any number ofchallans. Once the candidates name is shown as paid it will not be shown again. The Principal has topay the fee for the left over candidates only. The bank will not accept challan for payment after the due date.Separate e-challan is to be used for each category i.e., General/Vocational, ENR Candidates and Additions.

1. College code 2) College Stamp 3) 1st year/ 2nd year 4) General/Vocational. 

5) No. of candidates paid the fee 6) Amount paid in words and figures.

The Principals of all the Junior Colleges are requested to arrange for collection ofexamination fee in the office only up to the due dates prescribed and remit the same through onlineto the B.I.E Account in IDBI Bank or State Bank of India on the next working day. Theconsolidated list of fee paid candidates in respect of candidates who paid the examination fee shouldbe handed over to the R.I.O concerned immediately.Improvement Provision for Second Year passed Candidates: 

The candidates who have passed two year Intermediate course in the year 2022 & afterwardscan improve their performance within two years. They can avail only two chances during thisperiod. The passed candidates of IPE March 2022 can appear for Improvement in I.P.E March, 2024as last chance, if they did not avail two chances in the previous IPEs/IPASEs. The candidates whowish to improve their performance have to appear for all the Second year papers includingPracticals (OR) to appear for all papers of first and second year including Practicals. Thesuccessful candidates have an option to retain the present performance or past performance which isbeneficial to the candidates.

 Eligibility to award Pass Certificate :-

All the Principals are hereby informed that the Board of Intermediate Education has dispensedwith the condition of 5 (five) years for completion of Intermediate Course. Therefore all the failedcandidates of previous examinations are permitted to appear for failed papers only for GeneralStream.


The Second year regular Science candidates of General stream and 1st & 2nd yearregular candidates of Vocational Stream who were booked earlier under Malpractice have toappear for both Theory and Practicals as and when they get eligibility. 


The Principals of the Govt. Junior Colleges should accept the examination fee in respect of

Private candidates (without college study) after thorough scrutiny and after satisfying about theireligibility to appear for Intermediate Public Examinations (IPE), March 2024 and submit online dataPrint out (Nominal Rolls) of these candidates. The examination fee once paid will neither be refundednor adjusted, in case the candidate is found not eligible to appear for IPE, March 2024.

The requirement of Eligibility Certificate is dispensed with and no longer sought forcandidates who have passed their S.S.C. or its equivalent examination from Board / University otherthan Andhra Pradesh as long as such Board / University is recognised by Council of Boards of SchoolEducation in India (https://www.cobse.org.in/recognized-educational-boards-list/).

All the private candidates who are granted exemption from attendance (without college study)have to answer the papers on par with the syllabus prescribed for the regular students of the academicyear 2023-24. Candidates who have a gap of two years after passing the qualifying examination i.e.,S.S.C. or its equivalent examination are eligible to appear for both first and second year.Special Instructions for Intermediate Public Examinations, March 2024.

1. It is observed that most of the Principals are deleting the names of the fee paid candidates rom the ENR and approaching this office later with various reasons for inclusion. All the Principals are instructed to make DELETIONS in the ENR only of those candidates who fail to pay the fee even with penalty. Any wrong DELETIONS made in the ENRs will be viewedseriously and the Principals shall be personally held responsible for such lapses. 

2. Please do not accept Examination fee without copy of the Memo of Marks.

3. No Hall ticket will be issued to the candidates for IPE March, 2024 without photographs and the Principal of the college will be held responsible for not uploading photographs of any candidate. 

4. Photograph of the candidate should be less than 200 kb (Dimensions:3.5x2.8cm) and Signature of the candidate should be less than 50 kb (Dimensions:1.5x2.8cm).

5. The Principal of the college will be held responsible for uploading the details, photographs and signature of the candidates correctly. 

6. Examination fee particulars statements (List of Candidates) and original Marks Memos shall be enclosed to the ONLINE FEE PAID candidates separately.

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