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There are many students who are not able to pursue to higher studies due to financial constraints despite of having the ability and talent. Our aim is to inspire and transform the lives of brilliant and economically backward students. Educating youth has an impact not only on the individual, but the family, the community and the country as a whole. 


There are 200* scholarships offered in the following categories:

Smt. Shyam Lata Garg Gold Scholarships - Rs. 30,000 per annum (5 each) - restricted to students with GPA of 9.5/95% or top five positions in the merit list

Smt. Shyam Lata Garg Silver Scholarships - Rs. 25,000 per annum (10 each) - restricted to students with GPA of 9/95% or top ten positions in the merit list

Sh. Anand Swarup Garg Memorial Scholarships - Rs.25,000 per annum (40 each)

Sh. Ram Lal Gupta Memorial Scholarships - Rs.20,000 per annum (40 each)

Smt. Shanti Devi Memorial Scholarships - Rs.20,000 per annum (45 each)

Sh. Ram Ji Lal Memorial Scholarships - Rs.15,000 per annum (60 each)

*30% of the total scholarships offered are reserved for women applicants.

About SDEF Colleege Scholarshi

The Merit-Cum-Means Scholarship Scheme has been introduced for providing financial assistance to the poor and meritorious students pursuing Engineering, Medical and Architectural Courses in various in India

The amount of Scholarship for different categories are as follows:

1. Smt. Shyam Lata Garg Scholarships

2. Sh. Anand Swarup Garg Memorial Scholarships

3. Sh. Ram Lal Gupta Memorial Scholarships

4. Smt. Shanti Devi Memorial Scholarships

5. Sh. Ram Ji Lal Memorial Scholarships

There are 200* scholarships offered in the above categories. 30% of the total scholarships are reserved for women candidates.


(1) Students pursuing full time/regular courses in the institute/College recognized by the AICTE/State Education Board/MCI. Only students studying in 1st year or second year are eligible to apply for the scholarship (except for renewal of scholarships).

(2) Candidate should be studying in the Govt. College and selected private colleges* for which they have taken admission by passing Competitive Examination conducted by Central/State Boards. (A proof of rank will be submitted for applying scholarships).

(3) Gross annual income of family of the candidate from all sources should not be more than Rs. 6.00 lakhs per annum. Students having lowest family income shall be given preference in the ascending order.Income certificate should be got issued from appropriate civil authorities of the State/UTs/Central Governments whose details have been specified under the head ‘Submission of Documents by Applicants’. Any Affidavit submitted as Income Proof shall not be accepted.

(4) Candidate must have secured 85% marks in 12th class.

(5) Grade Point Average should be atleast 7.5 in 10 points scale system.

(6) The candidates should not be availing or intend to avail any other financial assistance/scholarship from any other source. However, in case of student of getting fee waiver/reimbursement of tuition fees are eligible for applying for the scholarships.

Family Income

(a) The gross family income criteria is Rs. 6,00,000 per annum. Gross income refers to the income before deductions for taxes or other purposes.

(b) In addition to gross family income, the education and occupation of parents as well as family members including elder brother(s) and sister(s), the family's living conditions and the total expenses being incurred by the family on the applicant's education will be taken into consideration for determining the financial eligibility of an applicant.

(c) Applicants who are the first graduates of the family will be preferred over applicants who are the second or third child of the family taking up graduation.

(d) Where parents of applicants are employees, may submit Form 16 or ITR return as proof of income.

(e) Where parent(s)/guardian(s) are retirees/pensioners, a pension statement from the pension authority and/or from an authorized bank showing the gross monthly pension of the family member, inclusive of any supplementary allowances and before any deductions is required. Pensioners should also provide documents to show the official status or designation, gross salary drawn at the time of retirement and the name of the employing organization. If the parent/guardian has recently retired under a voluntary retirement scheme, reasons for retirement, and amount of lump sum benefits received on retirement should be disclosed.

(f) Where parent(s)/guardian(s) are agriculturists or have farming or cultivation as their source of income, an income certificate from a recognized or competent authority should be submitted. Details of the nature and size of the land holding, crops grown, etc. wet or dry land irrigation should also be provided.

(g) Where parent(s)/guardian(s) are in business or self-employed, income certificate issued by any government authority or the income tax return should be submitted in support of the gross family income specified in the application. Specific details of the nature and size of the business or self-employment should also be provided.

Supporting documents:

1) Income certificate.

2) Copy 10th, 12th Marksheets. Second and Third year students will also submit their semester wise marksheets.

3) First year students will submit copy of Admission letter mentioning the rank, based on which they have taken admission in the college.

4) Copy of Fee Receipt

5) Two recent passport size photograph taken in last six months.

6) Certificate of family income / BPL certificate / Certificate from local panchayat office for proof of annual family income / ITR

7) Address proof/AADHAR ID /Copy of ration card

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