LIP Follow up Training to HMs, MEOs, Complex HMs, RPs and Teachers Rc.15021

Samagra Shiksha, AP Quality Initiatives Learning Improvement Program for classes 6th to 8th in 10 districts - Conduct of follow up trainings to the Headmasters, MEOS, complex level subject Resource Persons at district level and teachers of Upper Primary High Schools at subject complex level during November, 2023 - Orders issued.

Ref: Lr.No.CIPS-ASCI/FLN/2022/4130, Dt:30.10.2023 of the Director. CIPS.

The District Education Officers of Srikakulam, Visakhapatnam. Anakapalli, AS Rama Raju, Vizianagaram, Parvathipuram, Manyam, YSR Kadapa, Annamaiah, Satya Sai are hereby informed that it is proposed to conduct LIP trainings at district and school complex level and the details are as follows.LIP trainings at District level and at school complex level

1. Training to complex Resource persons at district level @ 2 per each subject complexes

Spell -I Complex RPs Training: Dt.6.11.2023 & 7.11.2023 Spell-II Complex RPS Training: Dt. 8.11.2023 & 9.11.2023 Planning Meeting at District level Dt. 4.11.2023 - A planning meeting at district level with all the DRPS trained at State level training program at Vijayawada on 04.11.2023 to plan the training and prepare the training material and arrangement of PPTs training halls, IFP panel and other teaching learning resources.

. Training to Headmasters of High Schools, complex HMs and MEO- 1 on LIP strategies and monitoring at district level.

Spell-I HMs and MEO-2 Training: Dt. 13.11.2023 & 14.11.2023 Spell-II HMs and MEO-2 Training: Dt.15.11.2023 & 16.11.2023 Both the Spells are with 4 batches of each with HMS and MEOS @ 40 per batch.

3. Training to teachers at subject complex level i.e., subject school assistants and language pandits working in Upper Primary and High Schools in the subjects of Telugu, English, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies.

Complex level Trainings (Language subjects): Dt.27.11.2023 & 28.11.2023 

Complex level Trainings (Non-Language subjects): Dt.29.11.2023 & 30.11.2023 Planning Meeting at school complex level Dt. 26.11.2023 - A planning meeting at school complex level with the complex RPS trained at district level to plan the training and prepare the training material and arrangement of PPTs, training room and other teaching learning resources.

The 20 DRPs selected from each of the erstwhile 5 districts trained at State level will conduct training initially in the first district followed second district. They have to cover two districts and in case of Vishakhapatnam they have to cover three districts. Initially they conduct the training in one district in Spell I and training in another district in Spell II. The DRPS should plan on 4th November, 2023 and decide dates separately for two districts. In case of Vishakhapatnam there are three districts and the training will continue in Spell III since there are three districts i.e.. Vishakhapatnam, ASR and Anakapalli. Teacher handbooks:

One teacher handbook was developed discussing the various gaps in the implementation of LIP and suggestive strategies to improve the children learning outcomes and covering all the five subjects. The handbook possess monitoring formats, model baseline test papers, progress recording sheet and subject wise lesson plans along with plan for monitoring, reviews and school complex meetings. The handbooks have been printed and now supplied to the DEO offices. The concerned DEOS shall distribute the handbooks to the participants in the training programs. Every teacher, headmaster. MEO will get one copy of teacher handbook. The trainings will be conducted with the handbooks in the hands of the participants. Handbook is very much essential during the training program where participants will go through the session wise topics and participate in the discussions.

The training schedule and the guidelines for the conduct of training programs, 2-day time table for all the training programs is enclosed on the conduct of training programs (Annexure-I). The list of State level Resource Group members drafted as observers to the district level training programs is enclosed (Annexure-II). The expenditure towards the training programs as above will be from Samagra Shiksha. The DIET principals has to monitor the training program along with AMOS.

All the DEOs are requested to meet with DRPS trained at State level on 4th November, 2023 and plan for the effective conduct of training programs. 

The officials from Samagra Shiksha and LIP partner agencies will be visiting the districts and observe the training programs.

An online meeting will be conducted by the SPD with the DEOS of 10 LIP districts along with DIET principals, AMOS and DRPS trained at state level will be conducted on 03.11.2023 at 04.00 PM where the training details, guidelines, etc. will be discussed by the officials of SPD and partner agencies.

The DEOS & APCs are further informed that the proposed budget for the above said trainings are annexed in Annexure-4 and it is instructed to furnish the actual expenditure after conducting the said trainings and the bills should be endorsed by the concerned DEO for release of budget and further directed to provide logistics to the state observers for the said trainings.

Enclosed: 1. Annexure - I - Guidelines to the DEOS on the conduct of training programs and 2-day session wise training time table for HMs. complex RPs and teachers.

2. Annexure -2- List of State level Resource Group (SRG) members drafted to the districts as observers to the district level training programs.

3. Annexure 3 District wise distribution of teacher handbooks - DEOS - 2 acknowledge the receipt of the teacher handbooks as per the number shown against the districts.

4. Annexure - 4 - Proposed Budget for trainings

5. Annexure 5 - List of venues

Proceeding Copy


List of Venues

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