FA 4 – Pre Final – SA2/ CBA3 –Schedule Rc.3

FA 4 SA2 Schedule FA 4 AP Schedule School Education – SCERT AP – Academic calendar 2023-24 – FA 4 – Pre Final SA2/ CBA3 – Conducting - Request – Reg.

1. Academic Calander 2023-24

2. Note orders in fle ESE02/316/2023-SCERT.

The attention of all Regional Joint Directors of School Education and District Educational Ofcers in the state is invited to the reference 1 cited above, wherein the schedule for assessments has been issued.

In this regard, the following dates have been fnalized for the conduct of assessments for the academic year 2023-24:

i. Formative Assessment 4 – 23 to 28 February 2024

ii. Pre-Final for class X - 23 February to 4 March 2024

iii. SA2/CBA3 - 8th to 22ndApril 2024

The question papers for Formative Assessment 4 will be sent through WhatsApp.

Regarding the expenditure for printing and supplying question papers to Government-managed schools for the pre-fnal and CBA3/SA2, the District Common Examination Boards (DCEBs) will be paid from the funds available at

Samagra Shiksha AP. Therefore, all district educational ofcers are requested to ensure that assessments are conducted with utmost care and adherence to the guidelines.

Regional Joint Directors and District Educational Ofcers are also requested ti submit the analysis of assessment outcomes, including a district-level analysis,as well as a plan of action for providing remedial teaching to students who have not yet achieved the desired learning outcomes for their respective class annexure State Project Director, Samagra Shiksha, Andhra Pradesh, is requested to release the necessary funds for the printing and supply of question papers to the concerned District Common Examination Boards (DCEBs). The IT cell of the ofce is requested to provide the child information data to the Director of SCERT,

Andhra Pradesh, to send to DCEBs for the printing of OMRs. The schedule for the assessment is attached in the annexure

Download FA 3 Syllabus

Download FA 3 Time Table

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