52 TOEFL best performing teachers from all over the state to the Princeton Universit USA for a one-week immersive training Rc.Spl

School Education conducting TOEFL test on April 10th for students in Foundation plus schools (classes 3.4 and 5), and April 12th for students in Pre-HigSchools and High schools (classes 6 to 10) along with SA-2 examinations sending 52 TOEFL best performing teachers from all over the state to the Princeton Universit USA for a one-week immersive training Reg

R.C. No. Spl/TOEFL/DCER/2024

Ref: Orders of Sri. Praveen Kumar, IAS, Principal Secretary, School Education Department. Dated 14.3.24

As we all know that the Government of Andhra Pradesh has introduced TOEFL as one of the subjects in August. 2023 during this academic year ie., 2023-24. By introducing TOEFL as a new initiative, the children of government schools have

been improving their language proficiency day by day, it is clearly seen in various programmes, children coming out and expressing their views regarding initiatives and different schemes introduced by the government. Moreover, the government has been encouraging the teachers of Government Schools also to enhance their English Proficiency skills through various professional development courses with the help of Diksha platform, Firki app. Tabs and IFPs.

As per the reference cited above, honourable Principal Secretary, School Education Department's Orders - The officials are going to conduct a test for TOEFL on April 10th for students in foundation plus schools (classes 3, 4 and 5), and April 12th for students in Pre-High Schools and High Schools (classes 6 to 10). Above all, the government wants to send the TOEFL teachers who performed best in foundation Plus Schools, as well as the top Pre-High Schools and High Schools of each district to the Education Testing Services (ETS) headquartered in Princeton University in the USA for a one-week vigorous training. A total of 52 TOEFL teachers from government schools in Andhra Pradesh will have the opportunity to visit the headquarters of Educational Testing Services at Princeton for this training.

The teachers who have been selected through this process will have a wonderful opportunity to see Princeton University which is a place every educator aspire to visit at least once in their lifetime. Additionally. Princeton is famously associated with Albert Einstein, who spent his final years there.

As the government is giving such a nice opportunity for the teachers of government schools, as teachers you must redouble your efforts and focus in the remaining 27 days to prepare the students so that they can perform better in the TOEFL test. During this process you should remember one thing that under no circumstances should we compromise the integrity of the exam. You are responsible for conducting the exam with honesty and integrity.

Therefore, all the Head masters and teachers are instructed to put your whole efforts during these 27 days and train the children to do well in the upcoming TOEFL test in the month of April, 10th and 12th of April 2024.

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