Conduct virtual training Programme to SRPs,HMs and Parent Committees on Social Audit Rc.12021

Samagra Shiksha- SIEMAT- conduct virtual training Programme to SRPs,HMs and Parent Committees on Social Audit (School Performance Evaluation Tool)-Instructions-Issued-Regarding.

Rc.No.SS-12021/5/2022-FIN SEC-SSA, 11/03/2024


1. Ministry of Education, Department of School Education & Literacy. Gol vide letter No.F.1-2/2021-15-9 dated 8th February 2022 and No.F 1-2/2021-15.9 dated 26th October 2022.

2. Disbursement Linked Indicator (DLI) of SALT Project. 3.RC No.SS-13/01/2023/CMO SEC-SSA, Proceedings of the SPD,SS Dated: 01/03/2023.

4. Instructions from the SPD sir during EMIS meeting at SALT office on 07/03/2024.

Attention is invited, the reference 3rd cited is here by revised, where in the Government of India, Ministry of Education, Department of School Education & Literacy, New Delhi has issued instructions for Conducting Social Audit in all the Government Management School to assess the inclusive and Equitable, quality and other essential components in School Education to take corrective measures to achieve the SDG-4 Goals.

Further it is informed that, the Samagra Shiksha, School Education Department, Government of Andhra Pradesh has developed a tool for Social Audit and planned to conduct Social Audit in all Government Management Schools in the State by involving the Parent Committee members.

In this regard the S.S.A.P has conducted training to all SRPs, School Heads and parents Committee members during 2022-23 and also rolled out the school improvement action plan in all school under social audit. Further as per the instructions of the authorities the SIEMAT has planned to conduct refresher training through virtual model in the given schedule.

The state has already trained State Level Master Resource Persons (142). Again the state has proposed to give refresher training to the SRPS through virtual mode for the 2023-24 as shown in the above table and in turn these Master Resource Persons will train the School Heads at Mandal Level and the School Heads to train the Parent Committee Members at School level.

The following are the guidelines for conducting district, Mandal and School level trainings to school heads and the Parent Committees.

1. Trainings at state and district level should be conducted through virtual and school level it should be offline.

2. The DEOS & APCs are informed to monitor the parent committee trainings and the same is to be informed to state office and also to al the parent committee member well in advance. So as to enable them to participate in the training programme. The parent committee trainings shall be completed within stipulated time.

3. CMOS should take ownership for the entire training, conducting social audit and generating online links

4. The Head master of the school concerned should be responsible for completion of Social Audit within the time line

5. The APCs are informed to communicate the Training dates to all stake holders through the concerned school Head Master in theirrespective Districts well in advance for ensuring 100% attendance of the members.

6. To ensure 100% attendance of the PCs members

7. The details of participants should be furnished to the State Office.

8. A detailed report on conduct of training programme school Wise should be submitted to the SPO

9. All the APCs shall form Mandal wise teams with Sectoral Officers/DEO staff/ Dy.EOS/DIET Staff in the District to monitor the training. Programme.

10. The Services of CRPs shall be utilized for successful conducting the parent committee trainings. 11. Training primarily should focus on filling the social Audit tool through the App, role of Parents Committee, Inclusive education awareness, academic standards, Out of school children coverage and Mana Badi Nadu Nedu, Mid- Day Meal (MDM) and School Safety etc.

12. At the end of the training, all members should be aware of flagship activities in education and understand the importance of foundational and numeracy and age appropriate learning outcomes and School safety and security of Girl Child.

13. The Mandal Education Officers-1 are instructed to take responsibility of PCs trainings at School Level.

14. The Deputy Educational Officers are instructed to take responsibility of School Heads trainings at Mandal Level.

15. They are informed that the Additional State Project Director-1 is monitoring the programme time to time as State Nodal officer for Social Audit.

16.OD shall be permitted for 3 days to the State level Resource Persons (142) those who are attended the online ToT trainings

17. Honorarium Rs. 500 per day per RP shall be permitted to release from the district available funds under social audit (last year Released Rs. 6.0 lakhs).

18. The Mandal MIS coordinator shall be provide webex link to the RPs during the HMs training on social audit

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