School Education (ESE02) BE 2023-24 Issue of necessary guidelines for release of budget towards water and Electricity charges for FY 2023-24 Lr.No:ESE02

School Education (ESE02) BE 2023-24 Issue of necessary guidelines for release of budget towards water and Electricity charges for FY 2023-24 requested- Reg.


1. Lr.Rc.No.51/B1(A1)/2020, dt.17-01-2023 of DEO, Visakhapatnam. 

2. Lr.Rc.No.08/A3/2023-1, dt. 21-03-2023 of DEO, Krishna. 

3. Lr.Rc.No.802/87-Budget/2023-2024, dt.20-05-2023 of DEO, Anathapuram. 

4. G.O.Ms.No.45 of Finance (Budget. I) Department, dt.11.04,2023.

It is to inform that, Finance Department vide reference 4th cited has issued guidelines for issue of Comprehensive Budget Release Order (CBRO) for FY 2023-24 and at point 4(g) of the said guidelines have stated that, the Detalled Head/Sub Detailed Head 130/133 Water and Electricity Charges are discontinued from Financial Year 2023-24 & shall be kept under new object heads viz.1) Water charges - 200/208 & 2) Electricity charges - 200/209.

Further, it is also stated therein that the Budget for Electricity charges for all the departments is provided only in Energy Department under DH/SDH-200/209 in FY 2023-24 and the detailed operational guidelines in this regard shall be issued by the Energy Department. However, no further guidelines are received from the Government towards water and Electricity charges for FY 2023-24 so far.

In this connection, it is to inform that the following wings/unit offices/Schools located in Headquarters, Districts and Villages under School Education department are comes under Commissioner of School Education for the purpose of CBRO budget distribution viz., contingent and other administrative expenses budget.

The CSE Jawahar Balbhavan are functioning from rented buildings CSE Headquarter, SCERT Office, Adult Education headquarters and Vijayawada and the electricity the name of service connections for the said building are n and around the owners. The Power Distribution Companies are constantly pressuring the occupants to clear the electricity dues regularly apart from clearing the outstanding dues in order to keep their service connections active.

Further, in respect of CSE District Offices huge amount of outstanding dues are pending in respect of (13) old district offices apart from regular monthly charges and due to district restructuring (13) new offices are also established in (13) (13) new rented buildings which creates additional pressure from electricity department districts and some of those offices are functioning from as the electricity connections are registered in the name of the owners of the said buildings. Further, the other

Government Schools mentioned above are submitting written requests/oral ther Regional offices, District offices, Training colleges and requests for for release of budget towards elect the offices are facing pressure from electricity department for payment of electricity charges for FY 202-24 as electricity charges regularly. 2-24 as all Department

In view of the above, it is for issue of necessary operational guidelines by the Energy Department as requested Ito address the Finance proposed in the Government orders cited

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