Implementation of "Parent-Teacher Home Visit Program" 2024-25 GO.26

School Education Enhancing the Academic Performance of students studying from Classes 1-12 in Government Schools and Colleges Implementation of "Parent-Teacher Home Visit Program" in the State from the Academic Year 2024-25 Orders Issued.

G.O.Ms.No:26 Dated: 31.05.2024


The Government of Andhra Pradesh is committed to enhancing the quality of education and ensuring that students in Government schools and colleges are equipped with the skills necessary to succeed in a rapidly changing world. The 20th century was characterized by efforts to provide access to basic education and essential amenities to all students. In contrast, the 21st century focuses on quality and the continuous improvement of student outcomes. Quality education is now synonymous with employability, and with global demographic changes, Indians have a unique opportunity to excel.

2. It is imperative that quality consciousness starts in Class 1, which can only be achieved through the active involvement of teachers, parents, and students. Parental involvement in education has been shown to significantly enhance academic outcomes. Dr Joyce Epstein from Johns Hopkins University found that students whose parents are actively engaged in their education tend to achieve higher grades, attend school more regularly, and are more likely to graduate and pursue higher education. Additionally, Dr William Jeynes from California State University, Long Beach, demonstrated that parental involvement leads to better student behavior, increased motivation, and higher self-esteem, which are critical factors for academic success.

3. Effective parent-teacher collaboration is also essential for creating a supportive learning environment. Dr. Anne Henderson from the National Committee for Citizens in Education conducted research showing that schools with strong parent-teacher partnerships have students who perform better academically and exhibit improved social skills. Furthermore, Dr Karen Mapp from Harvard University highlighted that regular, meaningful communication between parents and teachers fosters a deeper understanding of students' needs and progress, leading to more personalized and effective educational strategies.

4. Studies have shown that teachers visiting students' homes can have a significant positive impact on educational outcomes. Dr. Karen L. Mapp from Harvard University found that home visits by teachers lead to increased student attendance rates and higher academic performance. Students whose teachers conducted home visits were found to have a 24% higher attendance rate and improved grades compared to those who did not receive such visits. Additionally, research by Dr Steven Sheldon at Johns Hopkins University revealed that home visits strengthen the relationship between parents and teachers, leading to better. communication and collaboration, which in turn positively affects student engagement and achievement. These studies underscore the importance of the Parent-Teacher Home Visit Program in enhancing the educational experiences and outcomes for students.

5. Parent-teachers Home Visit Program in Govt. schools of the USA and Australia, is one of the best practices in enriching the coordination between the parents and teachers, in addressing the learning gaps of the children. The 'Parent-Teacher Home Visit' programme is a tried and tested formula for improving the quality of education. The evidence from the USA and Australia suggests that two visits throughout the year by the class teachers under the parent-teacher home visit program, increased the academic performance of the students by 13% and attendance by 24%.

6. Recognizing the critical role of Parents in their children's education, the Government, after careful examination, have decided to introduce the "Parent-Teacher Home Visit Program", in all the Schools and Colleges, from the Academic Year 2024-25. This program proposes that class teachers visit each student's home twice a year, once in June and once in January. These visits should be one-to-one and scheduled at the convenience of the parents. The purpose of these visits is to prepare a personalized academic progress plan for each student and revise the plan during the second visit. This initiative aims to actively involve parents in their children's education, thereby enhancing academic outcomes and fostering a collaborative educational environment. Visits will be scheduled at times convenient for the parents. Teachers will coordinate with parents to arrange visits during times that suit the parents' schedules, ensuring minimal disruption to their daily routines. Flexibility in scheduling will be a priority to accommodate parents' work and personal commitments..

7. Accordingly, the Government, after careful examination, hereby order to implementation of the "Parent-Teacher Home Visit Program", in all Government Schools and Colleges from the Academic Year 2024-25 to enhance the Academic Performance of the students studying classes 1 to 12. The key guidelines for the implementation are as follows:-

Frequency: Class teachers will visit each student's home twice a year.Timing: The first visit will be in June, and the second visit will be in January. June Visit: During the June visit, the class teacher will develop a personalized academic progress plan based on the student's performance and needs. January Visit: In January, the teacher will revisit and revise the academic progress plan based on the student's progress and any new developments.Personalization: Each visit will focus on creating and revising a personalized academic progress plan. Convenience: Visits will be scheduled at times convenient for the parents.

8. The Commissioner of School Education and the Commissioner of Intermediate Education, shall take further necessary action to ensure the successful implementation of the "Parent-Teacher Home Visit Program", in all Schools and Colleges in the State.


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