G.O.NO:519 General Transfers Guidelines employees of Panchayat Raj Department&Panchayat Raj Engineering Department

General Transfers– Specific guidelines in respect of employees of Panchayat Raj Department and also Panchayat Raj Engineering Department for the year 2015– Orders
  1. In the G.O. 3rd read above orders were issued relaxing the ban on transfers and also guidelines on transfers. In the G.Os.4th to 5th read above certain guidelines on transfers have been modified. All these orders are equally applicable to Panchayat Raj employees also. In the reference 6th & 7th read above, the Commissioner of Panchayat Raj & RD and ENC, Panchayat Raj Engineering Department have submitted proposals on transfer guidelines to suit the specific requirements
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  3. Government after careful consideration of the proposals of theCPR&RD and ENC PRED and in modification of the orders issued in the G.Os 1st & 2nd read above, hereby permit the competent authorities to effect the transfer of Panchayat Raj and Panchayat Raj Engineering Department employees in all districts with immediate effect up to 31.5.2015. While making the transfers the following specific guidelines shall be followed in addition to the guidelines issued in the G.Os 3rd to 5th read above
Specific guidelines:

  • Employee who has completed more than three years of Service continuously at a duty station duly counting the total service rendered in all cadres shall be transferred without exception;
  • Employee who has completed less than three years of service may be transferred either on administrative grounds or on account of the conditions stipulated in the GOs 3rd to 5th read above
a) Panchayat Secretaries:
All Gram Panchayats were formed as GP Clusters for posting Panchayat Secretaries. Hence, the Panchayat
Secretaries shall be posted to the respective Gram Panchayat cluster only according to their grade as ordered in Circular Memo No. 11740/Mandal.I/2014, PR, dated 1.8.2014. In the event of shortage in a Grade, the next lower grade Panchayat Secretaries shall be considered for posting. But, in no case, Grade IV Panchayat Secretaries be posted to Grade I & II Panchayat clusters and Grade III Panchayat Secretaries to Grade I Panchayat clusters;
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