SSC Public Exams March 2019 Certain instructions issued on conduct of examinations and Spot valuation - orders issued Rc 151

(Present: Sri.A Subba Reddy, M.Sc., B. Ed.,)

Sub:- SSC Public Exams March 2019 Certain instructions issued on conduct of examinations and Spot valuation - orders issued

Rc.No. 151/B1/2018


It is hereby instructed to implement the following instructions while making arrangements for the conduct of SSC Public Examinations March 2019 as well as Spot Valuation.

l. The invigilators shall be rotated for every three days by using software program.

(a) School Assistant/Language Pandits working in Government High Schools, ZP High Schools, and Residential Schools under APREI Society, APSWERIS, APTWERIS,Ashram High Schools, Model Schools, Govt. U.P. Schools, MPUP Schools.Municipal Upper Primary Schools and Aided Private Recognized Upper Primary Schools in the first instance, Teachers working in these schools shall be made into a School Assistants/ Language Pandits of concerned subjects shall not be posted on concerned subject examination day. For x- School Assistant teaching mathematics shall not be drafted for invigilation on Maths (15/16 T&E) Exam day. Likewise School Assistants Language/Pandits common pool for drafting invigilators teaching Telugu shall not be drafted for invigilation on Telugu (01T/02T) Exam day.

(b) After exhausting School Assistants Physical Education Teachers, Craft Teachers, Drawing and Music teachers working in Government High schools, ZP High Schools, Municipal High Schools, Residential Schools under APREIS, APSWEIS,
APTWREIS, APMS, KGBVs, Ashram ligh Schools, and Recognized Private Aided High Schools shall be considered for appointment.

(c) If still requirement is there Secondary Grade Teachers have to be appointed by the
priority as follows Secondary Grade Teachers working in Govt. U.P Schools, MPUP Schools, Aided U.P Schools, Government Primary Schools, Mandal Parishad Primary
Schools and Aided Primary Schools may be considered for appointment.

(i) when 06 SGTs are working in the school three shall be drafted for invigilation.
When four SGTs are working in the school two shall be drafted for invigilation.
When two SGTs working one shall be drafted. one ) 

2. Teachers  from ALA (Ananda Lahari Abhayasanam) Schools Shall not be drafted for invigilation.

So shall not be drafted for invigilation from Single Teacher Primary Schools.

In case of self centres, the staff of that school shall not be draftced as Chief Superintendent, Departmental Officers, Invigilators and clerk in that school

3. The teacher who is drafted as a clerk for assistance for examination work shall not be present in the examination ntre n the exam day of

4. CC Cameras that are available in the Junior Colleges/ APSWRJCs which have been constituted as examination centres shall be allowed to be  that centre his/her subject. continued for the SSC Examinations also.

5 The CC Cameras t that are available in the private management school which have been constituted as SSC Examination Centers shall be taken into the custody of the Education partment before one week duly modifying the existing password of the CPU or Console and also delink the CC Cameras link to the correspondent/Head Master mobile or any
other devices

 6. And also ascertain that sufficient memory space in the hard disk attached to the cCTV Cameras and also verify the readability of the each CCTV Camera installed.

7. During the entire examinations period the CCTV Cameras infrastrue shall be isolated from any other use other than the exar mination work

S. The cCTV, CPU or console's user - id and password should be available only with the concerned examination conducting authority only that is

9. The everyday CCTV footage of the exar natio event shoulc pied

10. The Dual desks shall be selected in such a way that a minimum of three Chief Superintendent. into a DVD and shall be sealed. feet distance be maintained between the students who are taking the examinations.

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