School Records and Registers

The purpose of school registers and records is to better organise record keeping and
ensure there is an efficient system for keeping and passing on information.


The Head Teacher has the overall responsibility to keep, check and sign all the registers
The Head Teacher has overall responsibility for the control of all school equipment and
stocks of textbooks and stationery.
Teachers are responsible for maintaining the Attendance Registers for their classes.
Each teacher is responsible for returning all textbooks and unused stationery at the end of
each school year.


All Registers, Account Books, School Log Book/Diary and the Stock Book remain the
property of the school and are not to be removed from the school.
Student.files are to be kept at the school they are attending and sent on to their new school
. when they transfer.
Admission Register: Each Head Teacher shall keep an Admission book to record the
names and ages of all students entering the school for the first time.
Student Files: There should be a file kept on each student, containing basic information
such as family details, birth certificate, copies of academic performance reports, health
reports, and student transfer card.

Attendance Register: Each teacher shall keep a daily Register of attendance of all pupils
in their class. It shall be kept in the classroom and made available for the Head Teacher
and authorised visitors to check.

Teachers' Files: These should contain personal details, reports, level of education etc, not
confidential information.

Staff Register: The Head Teacher shall keep in hislher office a Register of teachers'
attendance. Each teacher is to sign the Register when they start and finish work each day.

School LoglDiary: The Head Teacher shall keep in hislher office a School Log I Diary
book to record important happenings every week.

School Accounts Book: Refer to the section on monitoring school accounts, in the
procedure "Planning and Budgeting for Schools"

Stock Book: The Head Teacher shall keep a stock book which records all the school'
equipment, books, tools, furniture, etc. All textbooks and re-usable items are the prop
of the ministry and shall remain with the school. They shall be returned to inventory:
the end of each school term. All inventory shall be counted at the end of each term an,
stock book updated.

The Visitors Book - in which visitors to the school write their name, job and address
together with a comment about the school.

Accident Book - to keep a careful record of any accidents which happen to either
children or members of staff while they are on the school premises.
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