How to Update your cadre strength at school login

Update your cadre strength at school login.

Steps to Updation Cadre Strength:

Step 1. Enter into CSE school login, choose services - click cadre strength & tis for govt schools.

Step 2.see(second table)delete teachers who are not in your school.if they choose same school also.
"  Click
Save button"

Step 3. Go to above table, delete not sanctioned posts(I.e. mark 0 in sanctioned column)

Click "save button"

Step 4.inthe same table , click add category, select relevant posts (I.e school assistants hindi, Telugu etc)fill sanctioned posts column.
Step 5. Again go to second table, click addteacher button , another window (page)open, enter new teacher I'd.

Do same way for all new teachers entry.

Finally click save button ....

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