e-Nomination facility for NPS/CPS subscribers

 e-Nomination facility for NPS subscribers Nomination CPS/NPS Change Process PFRDA introduced e- Nomination Change Process:

e-Nomination facility for NPS/CPS subscribers

  1. Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PERDA) has been established inter-alia is to protect the interests of subscribers of NPS and other pension schemes regulated by it. PERDA has allowed comprehensive and digitally enabled solutions for subscribers' varied needs from on-boarding till the process of exit.
  2. Currently, the existing subscribers of NPS, who wish to change their nomination in their Permanent Retirement Account Number (PRAN), are required to submit S2 form (Request for change of Subscriber Master details) physically to the associated Nodal officers, corporates or Points of Presence (POPs) for updation.
  3. In order to enable NPS Subscribers with ease of changing the nomination, PFRDA has allowed the 'e sign based online facility' to change of nomination through the Subscribers' login credentials, as per the process flow given in Annexure-A. Centra lRecord keeping Agencies (CRAS) have been advised to introduce this feature in their system at the earliest.
  4. The detailed provisions regarding 'Nominations' under NPS are specified under regulation-32 of PFRDA (Exits and Withdrawal) Regulations 2015. The relevant extracts of the regulations are provided under Annexure-B for ready reference.
  5. This circular is issued under Section 14 of PFRDA Act 2013 and is available at PERDA's website (www.pfrda.org.in) under the Regulatory framework and in "Circular"section of CRA under intermediaries.

CPS/NPS e-Nomination Process:

The steps to be followed by the Subscriber for e Nomination is given below:
1. Subscribers access their respective CRA system with login credentials and select
the option Update Personal details' under 'Demographic changes' menu.

2. On selection, subscriber modification screen will appear with multiple options,
Subscriber is required to select the option "Add/Update Nominee details' and then 'Tier
type' for which nomination details have to be updated.

3. The subscriber is required to submit the details online such as name of the
nominee, relationship with the nominee, percentage share etc. and save the details by
clicking on 'Save' menu.

4. Once the details are saved and confirmed, subscriber is required to submit the
'One Time Password (OTP)' received on Registered Mobile Number

5.On submission of OTP, subscriber is required to e-Sign to authenticate the
changes by selecting option 'e-sign and download'.

6. The subscriber will be taken on to 'e signature service provider's' page for e-sign
where he is required to enter Aadhaar/ Virtual ID and click on 'send OTP'. OTP will be
received on mobile number registered with UIDAI.

7. Subscriber needs to submit OTP and click on 'Verify OTP.

8. Upon authentication, the nomination details will be updated in the NPS records
For Government/Identified Corporate sector subscribers, the request needs to be
authorized by the associated Nodal Office/Corporate before its updation.
9. The process of change of nomination is paperless. In case e-sign fails, the
changes shall not be updated and the subscriber shall have to update the nomination
through physical form as per the existing process.

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