Conduct of proper surveillance in educational institutions- monitoring by Health Department - orders issued-reg

Conduct of proper surveillance in educational  institutions- monitoring by Health Department - orders issued-reg Order No:128 

The Education institutions are opened in the state from 16th August 2021 and there is a possibility of spread of covid infection as the students assemble in class rooms, academic and extra curricular activities in close proximity. Any asymptomatic student may spread the infection to others in the class room or in the school.Accordingly, detailed standard operating procedures(SOPs) were communicated tothe school education department to follow while running the schools. The School Education department was also requested follow the guidelines and communicate the details of the positive cases if any to the district Administration and DMHOs concerned. 

Medical Officers are requested to keep a close watch on all educational institutions. 

If any student or staff is found positive, the school shall be closed immediately and the district administration should conduct the contact tracing and follow other covid protocols on home quarantine and home isolation. The school administration should immediately fumigate all the class rooms and disinfect thoroughly. After this process is done, the Schools can be re-opened with all the SOP’s in place. 

The ANMs shall visit minimum of two schools every day in their jurisdiction to ensure that the schools and colleges are following the SOPs and covid appropriate behaviour is imparted among the students and staff. 

The concerned Medical Officer should impose penalty for any deviation in following the covid appropriate behaviour noticed in the schools/colleges. The guidelines and SOPs annexured to this order shall be strictly monitored. 

If a student or a teacher tests positive, his / her family shall be tested. Further,

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