LIP November 2021 Action plan communicated Rc.Spl/A5 Dt:05.11.21

School Education-Quality Education- Implementation of an innovative programme called LANGUAGE IMPROVEMENT PROGRAMME (LIP) (100 Days programme) in all Government management schools except private un aided schools in Zone-II- words list to be taught for the month of November 2021 Action plan communicated - Reg RC.SPL/A5 Dt:09.11.21

Ref:This office Proc Rc No.Spl/A5/2021, dated 05.11.2021

నవంబర్ నెలలో 17 వర్కింగ్ డేస్ కోసం రేపటినుండి 1-2 తరగతులకు రోజుకు 2 పదాలు, 3 to 5 తరగతులకు రోజుకు 3 పదాలు, 6,7,8,9,10 తరగతులకు రోజుకు 5 పదాలు తో అటాచ్ చేయడం జరిగినది.

LIP Programme- East Godavari, West Godavari, Krishna Districts Only..

LIP 100 Days Programme November Schedule:

  1. In continuation of this office proceedings dated 05.11.2021, all the District Educational Officers in Zone-II are hereby informed that, the words list to be taught for the month of November 2021 in the action plan of LIP (100 days programme) for the period from 10.11.2021 to 30.11.2021 for classes I & II, III to V, VI to VIII and IX & X separately is herewith annexed to implement the programme successfully.
  2. Hence all the District Educational Officer in Zone-II are requested to communicate the action plan upto the school level through the Inspecting Officers concerned and to take necessary action to implement the LIP (100 days programme) from 10.11.2021 to 31.03.2021 duly following the instructions issued by this office on 05.11.2021 scrupulously.

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