Health Medical and Family welfare Department Transfers GO.40 Dt:28.01.22

Guidelines for transfer of Regular Employees in HealthHM&FW DepartmentIssued.HM&FW Department with effect from 01.02.2022 to 28.02.2022 - Orders


Dated:28.01.2022 Read the following:

1.G.O.Ms.No.45, Fin.(HR.I.Plg.&Policy)Dept., dt.24.06.2019. 

2. G.O.Ms.No.59, Fin.(HR.I.Plg.&Policy) Dept., dt.04.07.2019.


In the G.Os read above, orders have been issued imposing a ban on transfer of all Government employees in the State.

2.The Government has been receiving large number of requests from the employees, on various grounds like spouse, health, both personal and that of the family members, being posted in remote areas for long periods of time etc. 3. In order to provide equitable opportunity to all employees and to ensure transparent procedure in dealing with such requests, the Government hereby relax the ban on transfers in respect of the employees of HM&FW 

department for a limited period of time with the following guidelines and procedures for strict compliance:


1. All transfer and postings should be made through online procedure based on the preferences given by the employees. 2. No TTA/joining time etc., shall be granted in case of request transfers.. 3. The transfers should not violate the six-point formula, as notified in G.O.Ms.No.610, G.A. (SPF.A) Dept., dt.30-12-1985, and as amended from time to time.

4. The employees who are retiring on or before 28th February, 2023 shall not be transferred. The standing instructions on the transfers of office bearers of recognized Employees Associations as issued in Circular Memo. No.245/SW/A1/2014-1, G.A. (SW) Dept., dated 16.09.2014 and also Cir. Memo. No.17225/SW/A1/2014-1 of G.A. Dept., dated27.09.2014 will apply.

5. All the employees, who have completed (5) years of service at a station as on 28.02.2022 shall be mandatorily transferred. 6. Candidates who completed (3) years of service in plain areas and (2) years of service in Tribal areas at one station as on 28.02.2022 are eligible to apply for request transfer.

7. Candidates who have completed (3) years of service in plain areas and (2) years of service in Tribal areas at one station but not completed (5) years, shall not be disturbed unless they have requested for transfer. 

8. The visually challenged employees are exempted from transfers except when they make a specific request for transfer. This category of employees may be posted at a place of their choice subject to availability of a clear vacancy. In all such cases, they shall be given. first priority.

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