Invitation from the Government for talks with the State PRC Struggle Committe members on 01-02-2022 at 12 Noon Lr.No:01 Dt:31.01.22


The Principal Secretary to Government, (FAC)

GA(Services) Department,

A.P. Secretariat,

Andhra Pradesh Velagapudi.


1. Sri BANDI SRINIVASARAO, President, A.P.N.G.O & Chairman APJAC

2. Sri K.R SURYANARAYANA, President, A.P.GOVT Employees Association. 3. Sri K.VENKATARAMIREDDY, President, A.P.Secretariat Association & Chairman APGEF.

4. Sri BOPPARAJU VENKATESWARLU, President, APRSA & Chairman APIAC, Amaravati

5. Sri K.V.SIVA REDDY, General Secretary, A.P.N.G.A

6. Sri G.HRUDAYARAJU, Sec.Gen. APJAC & President APTF1938 7. Sri G.ASCAR RAO, General Secretary, A.P.G.E.A

8. Sri M.KRISHNAIAH, President, APPRTU

9. Sri M.V.RAO, President, A.P.P.T.D.E.U & General Sec. APJAC Amaravati

10. Sri N.PRASAD, Gen Secretary, A.P.S.A 11. Sri PHANIPERA RAJU T.V, Association Chairman, APJAC, Amaravati

12. Sri ARAVA PAUL, Sec.Gen. A.P.G.E.F

13. Sri CH.JOSEPH SUDHEER BABU, President S.T.U & Chairman FAPTO 14. Sri K.S.S.PRASAD, President, U.T.F

15. Sri T.VENKATA SUBBAIAH, Vice Chairman, A.P.Secretariat Co-ordiantion Committee

16. Sri POLAKI SRINIVAS, Convener, A.P.G.E.F.

17. Sri V.V.MURALI KRISHNA NAIDU, Treasurer, A.P.J.A.C-Amaravati 18. Sri CH.SRAVAN KUMAR, President, A.P.Upadhya Samithi

19. Sri G.M.RAMESH KUMAR, General Secretary, A.P.C.T.NGO's


Sub: Invitation for talks at 12 noon on 01.02.2022 with the Committee of Ministers constituted vide G.O.Rt.No.127, GA(Cabinet.l) dated:24.01.2022-Reg.


Ref:-1. Representation of PRC Struggle Committee dated:21.01.2022 & 24.01.2022. 

2. G.O.Rt.No.127, GA(Cabinet. 1) dated:24.01.2022

With reference to the above cited, you are requested to attend a meeting with the Committee of Ministers constituted vide the reference 2nd cited, at 12 Noon, on 01.02.2022 at Conference Hall, Finance Department, 2nd block, A.P. Secretariat, Velagapudi.

Yours faithfully,

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