SSC Public Examinatiof ns, May 2022 Certain guidelines issued Rc.206 Dt:8.03.22

Sub: School Education SSC Public Examinations, May 2022 Certain guidelines issued. Ref: 

1.SSC Public Examination timetable issued by the Director, Govt.Examinations dated 10.02.2022.

2.Observations made by the inspecting officials during their visits to schools.


The attention of the Regional Joint Directors of School Education.. and District Educational Officers in the State are invited to the reference. 1st cited wherein the schedule for conduct of SSC Public Examinations.. May 2022 has been issued.

2, The whole world has seen an unprecedented pandemic since 2020, whose adverse impacts are still continuing. Andhra Pradesh has also been severely affected due to COVID-19. Despite adverse conditions, the government has initiated several measures to enable the children to continue their learning during the pandemic.

3. During the year 2019-20 Vidyamrutham program was conducted by telecasting online video lessons to SSC students through DoordarshanSaptagini channel and broadcasted radio lessons in the name of Vidya Kalasam. The Government has issued orders vide G.O.Ms.No.30, Dt-12.06.2020 for the introduction of Six paper pattern to make the exams student friendly for the academic year 2019-20, for the benefit of students impacted by lockdown.

4. You are also aware that due to the pandemic, SSC Public Examinations for the academic years 2019-20 and 2020-21 were not conducted and all the students, who have been registered for SSC Public Examinations in respective years have been declared as all PASS. 5. During 2021-22 schools were reopened from 16th August 2021 and the academic calendar is prescribed for 27 weeks with 188 working days.. Schools in the state are running in a safe environment, duly following all precautions as per the SoPs prescribed by Government.

6. Despite all the efforts, there might be a huge learning deficit among students who have lost valuable learning hours in last couple of years. Some students would have also undergone health issues and financial hardships during this period.

7. In these situations, being administrators and teachers it is our prime responsibility to assist the SSC students to overcome the problems and prepare them for the upcoming SSC Public Examinations in May 2022.

The following indicative guidelines are issued for all teachers and supervisory officers to followl;

a. Preparing the 10th class students for exams

Students must be made aware about the seven paper examination: pattern being adopted for the first time.

Teachers must inform children about the syllabus that has been prescribed/deleted for this academic year only..

Class lessons are the best way to understand the syllabus systematically, to ensure that all students are attending schools/classes regularly.

• To have a proper day-wise action plan covering all subjects and all students.

No class shall be leftover without any teacher. • Use the online material available in DIKSHA and YouTube channels.for revision.

b. Revision and remedial classes for slow learners:

Identify the slow learners, subject-wise and necessary support shall be provided in the respective subjects.

• A specific action plan shall be designed for slow learners based on the blueprint of the question paper. Home-based learning of students is to be ensured in possible ways.

• Peer learning is to be suggested by mapping of students.

Teachers shall adopt students and support them for their success in SSC Public Examinations.

Focus may be given on key concepts. • Practice papers may be given to the students based on the

weightage of topics/concepts. • Trace the question papers that were supplied for SSC Public Examination 2021 and utilize them as practice papers.

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